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The Scream

What a great band this was, albeit short-lived. guitars. The Scream formed from Racer X's metamorphasis into "Black Rain Cloud" with Bruce, Scott Travis, and John. When John Corabi was asked to replace Vince Neil in Motley Crue, they hooked up with another equally as scary vocalist Billy Fogarty and recorded "Takin' It To The Next Level" which, unfortunately, never got released because of a few Spinal Tap-ish record industry moves.

Ultra rare photo of John Alderete at Conway Studios laying down his parts for "Let It Scream." Photo provided by John Gray.

A nice shot of Bruce Bouillet sitting at the board at Conway Studio. Photo provided by John Gray.

Here's some more rare Scream pictures. Photos provided by Scott Taylor.

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Saints Or Sinners
(1990 Live At Sachs)
Let It Scream (1991 Hollywood Records)(All mp3's removed per John Corabi's request)
Takin' It To The Next Level (1993 Unreleased)
Unreleased Tracks/Movie Soundtracks DC-10
1) Every Inch A Woman 1) Outlaw 1) Kool World

From "Encino Man"

The track is played in "Blades", while Brandon paints with ketchup and mustard. Very hard to hear.

1) Hey Kid
2) Loves Got A Hold On Me 2) I Believe In Me 2) What U See 2) Ghetto Eyes
3) Lita 3) Man In The Moon 3) Miss Thang

From "Jeffology"on
Shrapnel Records. Abe
Laboriel Jr. on Drums.
3) Miss Thing
4) I've Been Waiting (removed per John Corabi's request) 4) Father, Mother Son 4) Kick Back 4) Keep On
5) Outlaw 5) Give It Up 5) Another Rock 5) People
6) Shake Shake 6) Never Loved Her Anyway 6) Get It Together 6) Nothin But A Groove
7) You Are All I Need 7) Tell Me Why 7) One Foot In The Grave 7) In My Condition
8) Operator 8) Love's Got A Hold On Me 8)Ain't Got Nuthin'

3) Father Mother Son

Acoustic vesion from
promo CD 1991

8) Boov Coburn
9) Bruce Solo 9) I Don't Care 9) Comin' Down   9) Funky Weatherman
10) Catch Me If You Can 10) Every Inch A Woman 10) Good Lookin' Out   10) Blinded
  11) You Are All I Need 11) Love C.C.A.    
  12) Catch Me If You Can 12) It's A Long Way    

Cool Information

Before they became "The Scream", they were called Saints Or Sinners. Thanks to WBM on the Racer X Board, we have a bootleg of the show recorded April 1990.

1, 2, 5, 7, 10 ended up on Let It Scream.

The gem in this group, is by far Bruce's solo. Smokin' as always!

Cool Information

Man In The Moon was written by The Scream and Jamie Brown (ala Boogie Nights fame).

I Don't Care was written by The Scream, Jamie Brown, and Scott Travis. Jimmy Waldo played Hammond organ.

Jeff Martin and Ray Gillen sang background vocals on You Are All I Need.

Bruce thanks our very own friend on the mesage board "JJGray" John Gray.

Cool Information

This CD was never released due to Hollywood Records going in the tank in '93-'94.

The Scream's A & R person mysteriously exited from the picture (that's the story and I'm stickin' to it...)

Billy, Alderete, and Bruce went on to form the short-lived group "DC-10" and recorded "Co-Burn".


Cool Information

Billy Fogarty, John Alderete, Bruce Bouillet, John Moore, and Abe Labriel Jr.

Recorded at Tarasound studios in June of 1995. Mixed and recorded by Mario Caladto Jr. and Bruce Bouillet.

Additional Players were Mark Ramos Nishita, Lee Oscar, and Walt Woodward.


Scream Videos

Man In The Moon
I Believe In Me
Father, Mother, Son