Evil Joe

Evil Joe. Everyone always wants to know, where did the Evil Joe phone voice come from?

The phone call originated from some friends of Paul's. This guy is a white guy, who has dozens of phony crank phone calls ranging from African American voices to old Jewish men. Evil Joe happened to be his African American voice. His professional name is The Original Pranksta. You can find him at www.originalpranksta.com.

The premise of the Evil Joe call?

Joe is a suburban kid who has placed an ad looking for a "black" metal guitarist. His intention is to find a guitar player who likes "black metal", as in "evil and darkness." Unfortunately for Joe, the Original Pranksta has decided to test him on his interpretation of "black" and as a black man, respond to the ad.

Click here to download the MP3 of the original phone call.
(Please note there is strong language in the call. Approx 3.35megs)

How does Evil Joe the phone call relate to the song?

Jeff Martin wrote the song Evil Joe about our world. The song is one long and continuous rhyme. This was was done on purpose, as Jeff states "everything keeps going and going and getting worse and worse." The song continually asks the question...Are you Evil? Are you Evil Joe. The purpose being, are you part of the problem? or are you part of the solution? Only you can answer the question.

While the song is serious, the phone call thread through the song is funny. Adding a contrast to the seriousness of the subject. If you have listened already or are about to, our friend Joe doesn't seem to understand the caller. Our crank caller continually asks.."why you wanna throw me out of the game, you haven't even heard me play." Joe responds with "it's not about black or white", but he doesn't realize that he has in fact made it a "black and white" issue.

It's very interesting indeed....and funny.

Finally, our friend The Original Pranksta decided to take the original Evil Joe song and give a remix....Ghetto style. The Evil Joe Dance Mix (approx 1.8megs)