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 Andy James Guitar Solo Contest - Vincent Mah 
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Dr. X
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Post Andy James Guitar Solo Contest - Vincent Mah
Hi guys,

Here's my entry for the contest.

I'm sorry that i've been missing out on this forum for quite a while due to a change in computer.

Anyway, I got to know this contest because of a friend,
Dhalif. He happens to be one of the top contestant so far and that makes me kinda proud.

So anyway, before you judge me as a Vai fanboy and shut down on my video, i hope you can listen through and rate it! I personally thinks that this is not my best and i definitely need more practice. Nevertheless i'm still uploading this for the fun

I used a Jem Jr(modified) - Vox Coiley cable - Ibanez Tubescreamer - Marshall Vintage Modern - Shure SM57 - Presonus Audiobox USB - Presonus Studio One.

Thanks for viewing and remember to rate/comment it!

Rock On

Thu Mar 18, 2010 6:38 pm
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Some nice ideas.. but you should work on your alternate picking.
And tune your guitar, of course! :D

p.s.: how are your monitors? They would fit perfectly in my bedroom!

Good-bye Jason, we'll miss you..

Fri Mar 19, 2010 5:30 pm
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im not going to do what all the comments box guys are doing and bash your technique, admittedly it does need work

I love lots of the ideas you have, the first part, harmonic manipulation with the bar, great stuff, sure it could be executed cleaner, but that all comes

my big complaint isnt even the tuning, (your intonation is way out) its the vibratio (or lack of) skip to 40 seconds in... where is the vibrato?

you can tell from the "vibrato" performed at 23 secs that the technique is all wrong

you try to vibrato on a tapped note too at 39... but vibrato to tapped notes is applied by the fretting hand, not the tapping hand, there is no control

i think once the vibrato is in place it will sound a world better

keep it up

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Fri Mar 19, 2010 6:46 pm
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Dr. X
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thanks guys!

I know and admit on my lack of technique. It's no doubt about it.

Those unnecessary bashing on youtube really hurting my feelings.. i'm sure there are other worse players that i personally seen receiving decent comments..

That aside, thank you MissMisstreater, yes i shall work on those vibrator and definitely checking on the tuning and intonation. I've to slap myself as this is not the first video that i've uploaded receiving tuning problem.. check my "mount fuji christmas" if you want to witness the same problem.. this deserves a slap.. damn.

Sonnyrazor, Krk are bassy but works fine.

Fri Mar 19, 2010 7:23 pm
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Don't listen to the you tube comments, at least you have the guts to put yourself out there.... that's more than most of the trolls that post would do...

I (like MMistreater) think you have some really creative ideas within the solo, it's the execution that needs to be improved (and it's not like your in denial about it, so there's no need for people to hang shit on you). One thing I would say is that when you're doing a solo, even then you really need to make sure you are in sync with the rhythmical pulse in the backing track. You're better off (IMO) playing a slower lick perfectly that fits with the rhythm, than playing a lick that you have trouble doing even when not considering the tempo. PG is the master it, have a look at his guitar centre clips where he talks about making licks from drum fills to get some inspiration. So I thought the licks were good, but needed to sync better with the rhythm and then some work on vibrato and alt picking, etc.

On the positive, I liked the harmonic manipulation through the bar to build a melody (it's very hard to control, Vai is the master of the technique), I liked the octaves with the Indian style flutter when you hit the bridge up and the string skipped dim arps.

Keep up the practice, besides what's more fun that playing your guitar right!

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Sat Mar 20, 2010 5:43 am
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