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Post Palm-Harmonics
Can anyone describe "How" this is done? Or post a link to a instructional video? I hear them in black label society's songs all the time and they sound so inredibly awesome. I want to learn how to do them. someone help me out? Or if you can describe how just reply please and feedback on if it's hard / what helps etc. plz, thanks.


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Fri Mar 28, 2003 3:41 pm
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i heard some time ago that those kind of harmonics are made using a slide-like thingy like usin a large ring as a slide or just using the palm of ur hand to create the harmonics

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Fri Mar 28, 2003 4:42 pm
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Hold your palm lightly over the strings, slowly sliding it towards the head stock. While you do that, do a rapid little legato riff on one or two strings somewhere low or in the middle of the neck. I THINK this is what you are talking about...

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Fri Mar 28, 2003 5:08 pm

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The aim of this technique is to play artificial harmonics really quickly. The left hand frets the notes while the right hand targets the harmonic nodes on the guitar, usually in this context, a couple of octaves up.

Play a repeating legato trill such as

---0h2p0h2p0h2---- on the A string, and play is as fast as cleanly possible (it helps, or sounds cooler). Keep it going. While you are doing this, use your right hand to "fret" the harmonic nodes above the pickups. It helps if you have a lot of gain to help with the sound of the harmonics. In practicality, you can't use your whole hand to fret it - Joe Satriani uses his pick, but I find it easier to use the side of my little finger. Slide this up and down the length of the string: with consistency in the fretting hand playing the legato, and just the right amount of pressure above the nodes on your picking hand above the string, the harmonics should come clear. Practice helps too.

Here are a couple of other decent patterns:


or from Hordes of Locusts:


Hope this helps.

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Fri Mar 28, 2003 7:37 pm
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The ring thing should sound something like this... take a look on Mattias IA Eklundh Hyper Freak Exercise video.
And the technique David described should sound like this.

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Sat Mar 29, 2003 3:14 am
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