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 Pauls favorite albums 
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Post Pauls favorite albums
In the actual issue of the german "Gitarre & Bass" is an article about Paul Gilberts favorite albums.For all of you who is interested in this i tried to translate some parts of this article......hope the translation is not so bad.

so here it is.....

"I must warn you" Paul begins."There are so many albums that have influenced me and my musical development.I played parallel to the albums and have tried to transcribe what my heroes were playing because in the past i wasn´t able to read notes.At the beginning there were The Beatles.My parents had "A Hard Days Night"(1964) and "Help"(1965).These are my favorite albums of the fab four.They have inspired me in becoming a musician.I didn´t know which instrument i wanted to learn because at that time i didn´t knew which were the bass parts and which the guitar parts.So i have listened closely to the melody of the vocal parts.

After that there were the boygroups of the early 70´s like the Jackson 5 and the Osmonds.From the Osmonds i would recommend "Crazy Horses"(1972).This album is really cool.I covered a song of the Osmonds on Burning Organ: "Burning Drum"(from the album "Phase III"(1972))

After the split of The Beatles i listened to Elton John.I would recommend "Captain Fantastic(& The Brown Dirt Cowboy)" album(from 1972).I remember singing these songs with some friends of mine.Elton John was an important influence for my musicality also if nobody would suppose it.

Then i found out about Led Zeppelin.They were my admission ticket to Heavy Rock.I listened to "Stairway to Heaven" from their album "IV"(1971).The song begins with an acoustic guitar but that was not the interesting part.But man!!!Finally when Jimmy Page plays this chord sequence and when the guitar solo starts,i knew,i will be a guitarist.I have played this album note for note.Songs like "Black Dog","Misty Mountain Top" and "Rock´n Roll" are simply ingenous.

After Led Zeppelin i started to listen to Aerosmith´s "Toys in the Attic"(1975).I loved "Walk this Way" and their album "Live Bootleg"(1978) with "I ain´t got you",the old Yardbirds cover and "Mother Popcorn" of James Brown.At that time i only was a child and i only had a little quantity of money to spend on albums so i had to calculate precise on which album i should spend it.A friend of mine had this great album "Rocks"(1976) so i put in on tape.I often buyed the albums that my friends didn´t had so at the end we had all albums from one band and shared it.

Then i started to listen to Black Sabbath.There were this double ablum "We sold our Souls for Rock´n Roll"(1976) with all these cool song like "Paranoid","Snowblind" and "Iron Man".I listened to this album continous.Another album that has influenced me was Pat Travers "Go for what you know"(1979).An absolut cool guitar album!!!The way Pat Travers and Pat Thrall harmonize and their funk-rock oriented playing on "Hook on Music" or "Getting Better" is unbelieveable.Hey,kids,try this at home!

Oh yes...and of course the first "Van Halen" album from 1978!!!This album smacked me down!!!Man,what Edward van Halen did on his guitar was simply unbelieveable!!!On the same day i bought "Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush Live"(1977).Marino did cool things with his whammy bar and he was a really fast blues-rock guitarist.He was like a crazy version of Jimi Hendrix and Robin Trower.At that time i also listened to Jimi Hendrix.My parents gave me "Are you experienced"(1967).An album that i had listened a 1000 times to.In this context the "Scorpions" come to my mind.I liked the albums with "Uli Jon Roth".I had "Tokyo Tapes" the second live album.Songs like "Top of the Bill" or "Polar Nights" show you that he´s a great guitarist.

Then there was a time where i listened to british Heavy Metal like Judas Priest,Saxon, and Iron Maiden´s "Number of the Beast"(1982).I started to play really fast guitar solos that time.Another band that i really like is "Rush".My first album was "Moving Pictures"(1981) later there were many others.But i have never played guitar to their albums.Most of the time i sat on my bed with my headphones and listened to the cool drum playing of Neil Peart.

I also liked the Ramones.They had great riffs,great energy and funny lyrics.I had "Rocket to Russia"(1977) and every song was fantastic.I regular listen to "Todd Rundgren".He is the king of melodies!!!I bought all of his albums on vinyl for 20$.At that time everybody wanted to sell their vinyls because CD´s were on the market now.My recommendation: "Utopia"(1974) there are great chord sequences on this album.I regular listen to his albums because they are such an inspiration.Rundgren opened my ears concerned to chords.Witout him there would be no song like "Green Tinted Sixties Mind".

ok,that was the article.....hope you had fun reading it and that my translation was accurate so that you can understand it.

Tue Feb 25, 2003 2:08 pm
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Cool man.

funny...I'm reading all those albums...yep..yep...have that one...yup..loved that one...yep...bad ass album.. too funny.

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Tue Feb 25, 2003 2:25 pm
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Nice translation. Very readable and interesting. Thank you.

Tue Feb 25, 2003 6:04 pm
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Yeah cool article, I liked it a lot. I am about the opposite of ken though, just a sea of confusion with bits of light here and there.

Tue Feb 25, 2003 9:08 pm
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Paul is a man if diverse tastes.

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Wed Feb 26, 2003 4:01 am
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