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 Jeff Bowders: The Pilgrimage Of Thingamuhjig 
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Post Jeff Bowders: The Pilgrimage Of Thingamuhjig
I just realized that I can put this here, in this forum, because Paul's actually ON the album, and I don't just have to say "Paul's drummer Jeff..." and hope nobody moves the topic. :)

Have any of you heard the album? Your thoughts?

I got the CD yesterday, and gave it a detailed, full-attention listen. What I did was I put the CD in the drive and then I HID the CD booklet from myself, so I wouldn't know who's playing guitar, bass, etc. on what song. (I knew that Paul played the lead on the first song, unfortunately, so I had to try and ignore the solos!) This 'blinding' technique keeps me from writing nice things based on who the people are. I wanted to listen to the album as a whole, without thinking of the star power.

I didn't even put the song titles in yet - all I did was listen to it. I wanted to have no preconceived notions of what might be good, what might be not so good... I wanted to simply let the music move me, and it did.

That said, whoever's playing lead guitar on track 10 is a BADA*S. It's the second half of the song that will kill you. It is VERY Paul-ish. It's probably like Greg Howe or someone equally talented though. It's just really outstanding compared to some of the other tracks with guitar solos. :)

There are a couple of other songs that have really incredible guitar solos (mostly fusion-y rock).

I'll start writing the review now that I've taken 2 pages of notes. Metal fans, rejoice, you're going to love this. It isn't the next Slayer or Anthrax album (digression - although with all of Tom Araya's health scares of late, maybe Slayer's next album *should* be instrumental. Then they can still tour...) but it's still quite, quite heavy and really good.

Will be blogged. Quite happy with the record. Superb drumwork. Definitely go out and buy it. :)

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Tue Mar 01, 2011 3:40 pm
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Post Re: Jeff Bowders: The Pilgrimage Of Thingamuhjig
All I know is Greg Harrison played a solo on it and I really wanna listen to this CD.


Wed Mar 02, 2011 2:00 pm

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Post Re: Jeff Bowders: The Pilgrimage Of Thingamuhjig
On Jeff's website it says that Paul played on the 10th song, and I wanna heeaaaar it! :D

For my covers click here.

Wed Mar 02, 2011 2:16 pm
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Post Re: Jeff Bowders: The Pilgrimage Of Thingamuhjig
OK, the review is complete, and has been published!

Album Review: Jeff Bowders – The Pilgrimage of Thingamuhjig

Stuff I didn't have space for in the review (for syndication, I needed it under 1000 words)...

* 250 College Drive, I like because it's ballady. It's not nearly as ballady as say, I Cannot Tell A Lie, but it's pretty. Alpha Dog also has some of this prettiness.
* Out of "Paul's" 2 songs, I liked the first one more because it's a little heavier. Not heavier in a Judas Priest/classic metal sort of way... heavier in an early Exodus, thrash/speed metal, rip your head off sort of way. I do like them both though.
* I didn't even look up who played on what song until I was already editing the draft on my blog. I had no idea who was on what song (other then Paul, and Jeff, of course). That way - I didn't play favorites. You guys will have to look up who's on what song. I chose to listen to them based on their merit and not their star power.
* There is a bit of a classical adaptation in Jocean... during the second half of the song which is really strange, but it underscores the whole quest thing. Anyone who's watched any amount of 'King Arthur' sort of movies will recognize this bit immediately.
* Music is a universal, and someone of any faith will get some benefit from the album. It's not just for Christians.
* This is not a Paul Gilbert album. Don't buy it expecting it to be a followup to Silence or Fuzz. It is completely unique and made by a different person with different musical tastes and desires. That said, if you want to listen to Paul, check out Paul's stuff. If you want to listen to Jeff, check out Jeff's stuff. :)
* The guitar is very "vocal". It's interesting. Not quite so "spoken" as say, Matthias Eklundh, but, vaguely reminiscent of that sort of concept.
* There are spoken lyrics (a countdown) in 'Salvation Pt 3 (The Decision)'. So it's sorta like Burning Organ (the song) or Get Out Of My Yard (the song/album) in that there ARE lyrics... you just have to find them :) Other then this - it's an instrumental album.
* Does the album accomplish it's goals? Definitely. Worth the buy for sure - it's unique, quirky, progressive, and FUN.

Jeff's website page about the album: ... UHJIG.html

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Mon Mar 07, 2011 10:27 am
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Post Re: Jeff Bowders: The Pilgrimage Of Thingamuhjig
Greg Harrison is INSANE. He was my private teacher for a quarter, I highly recommend the CD.

Tue Mar 15, 2011 7:12 pm
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