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 Paul Gilbert instructionals on YouTube 
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Dr. X
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Refried Bean wrote:
Not at all. He was very paranoid that I was filming him, even asking to look at my camera a couple times to make sure I wasn't.

Was this in the private lessons he was doing at MI, or a group clinic?

Paul has stated in interviews a couple of times that YouTube has been a big thing for him to gain exposure.

When I saw him in a clinic back in 2008 he was fine with people filming, and mentioned the Youtube thing back then as well. I posted a few videos on YouTube (and linked them here too) after seeing the clinic.

He has stated with his one on ones that audio recorders were fine, but not video. I'd say that's where his line is.

Mon May 10, 2010 4:21 am
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Man it's a PITA to "edit"... LOL. Jenn-length post warning!

The context this comment set was made in, is unclear - like LonePhantom pointed out, and I asked about twice... but anyway, speculation is useless. I asked Paul. gmail did not eat the e-mail this time. :)

If Pablo has indeed switched his stance, then we have 2 choices. We can comply with his wishes, or disobey them. Once we know what his wishes are, if we are to know them at all - we will all be so much better off. I'm going to comply - even if he tells me to delete my YT account. I have ~40 posted on my YouTube channel... a lot of you guys are my friends here, and there. I gave Paul my userID so he can check. I posted those vids for his edification... not my own gain. I've already deleted my entire video category from my blog (which had links to tons of his noncommercial material).

At this point it might be like trying to plug a million holes in the dam with 5 fingers. If WMG can rein it in with their artist roster, then it's do-able, but they have a giant budget and an entire legal team dedicated to such things. "Smaller" artists like Steve Vai have been pretty successful with 'creative control' on YouTube, but, they've become an object of derision if you bring them up in the context of YouTube. It's a risk.

With the volume of material that is on YouTube already, re: Paul - over a thousand unique clips - it would be kind of difficult to rein in some of these YouTube posters. People who post the videos in good faith and not for their own purposes, will probably be easy to ask to remove videos... it's guys like b*tchslapper and flexablel*ftovers that are going to keep posting, no matter how many times you ask them to quit... -sigh-

Paul has a new DVD coming out. He and his label both have a vested interest in it's commercial success. The last time he released something, within 4 days of it's release in Europe, the illegal download links had exploded. It was -ridiculous-. I couldn't find a legitimate review for 2 weeks while everyone and their grandmother's website had nothing but downloads. If he releases Fuzz Universe only in Japan, he might actually be able to hang on to it. Paul's fans stand a better chance of seeing him on tour if they support his recorded work financially: that is partially how labels gauge success and allocate the all-important tour support. There's a line between "I discovered Artist XYZ on YouTube, yay!" and "All of Artist XYZ's releases are available on YouTube for free, even though that's not what the artist wants." It's ok (and desirable) to have some stuff up. But everything?! Yikes!

Although... (break my own rule here about the speculating, partially) - I think this 'no video' thing is being taken out of context. Video is a very strict no-no in VIP and lessons. Apparently - I could be wrong - when Refried Bean had this interlude with Paul, it was in the context that Refried was sitting in on his friend's private guitar lesson at M.I. When Paul was at M.I, he was definitely giving lessons. Audio is ok in that scenario but not video. + I sent parlance my 'crazy cellphone story'... It's true, we humans do not all know how cameraphones and some digital cameras work. Some modern gadgets are very difficult to tell their function from one look, and it's worth more then one look if you don't know for sure! People are willing to go to insane lengths to get some of this PG material. Paul's not ignorant of that fact. Some distrust over a recording device isn't crazy in that scenario, given the potential for misuse.

If it's instructional in nature - a teaching clinic, lessons, or VIP sessions -- the rules are very clear; we have no reason to pine away or beg to have video enabled. No video. Audio's OK. TJ and Paul put that in writing in 2008. You guys have seen what someone with some time, some great friends, and some audio samples can do. (The VIP Book) It is more then enough to meet our learning needs and curiosities. :)

I just hope that Paul or his mgmt. team don't outright ban all video. Imagine how bored we'd all be when he goes on tour again! It would be like Japan, which is torture already because they land there and just disappear... but worse because people actually share their videos outside of Japan, although we wouldn't be able to see any of his footage... ~dies pre-emptively~

Before I forget, for the quotes from Paul about YouTube, etc. - they are all in the Book Of Quotes with the source interviews cited in the bibliography, so if you guys want to get the exact words, they are available. Don't panic! Check the quotes out for yourselves. :)

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Mon May 10, 2010 5:59 am
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I bet there's thousands of people searching "insane guitar" on YT, and the first video they see? it's the goomy video. I mean after seeing that video, I would see one of the related ones, I would go for scarified, bam, I discover Racer X. I type in racer x and bla bla, it goes on and on. I think YT is a pretty cool way to get recognized, but uploading instructionals is no cool. but I love seeing Paul's clinics and all those stuff, there's no way I can see those clinics if they're not on YT.


Mon May 10, 2010 6:30 am
Viking Kong

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Well...I'm going to say that I can't speak for Paul, so I might misinterpret the things he says. I'm just telling you guys how it felt like when he was telling me not to film him play.

Mon May 10, 2010 7:30 am
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