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 Jeff Martin answers your questions! 
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Post Jeff Martin answers your questions!
Where was the coolest place you’ve ever gigged?
Tokyo Civic …..I was with Paul Gilbert and we were playing all Hendrix tunes all over Japan, this was the last gig of the tour.Stevie Wonder played right be for us and was amazing.I do believe it had just been built and was made for symphonic and upper crusty gigs, the sound was unreal.We Played Great!!!!! Magical night.

What are your top influences as a singer and as a drummer?
As vocals go as far as harmonies "Beatles"first influence Tom Jones……! then Ian Gillan,David Byron,Jack Bruce,Dio,John lawton,Glenn Hughes but mostly Rob Halford.

As Drummer……..Ringo to start ,Then Mitch Mitchell,Ginger Backer, [John Henry Bonham] ,Ian Paice ,Don Brewer,Bobby Caldwell.

I consider two people to have a magic quality to there playing or there being in music .They both have something that can't be copied and both have something that can't be explained. JIMI HENDRIX and JOHN BONHAM.Many have tried none can match "EVER"

I have John Bonhams Insignia tattooed over my heart for this reason.

Romney or Obama?
This is best this Country has to offer……. give me a break. And with democrats and republicans doing or not doing things for the people just for betterment of there party………who gives a FUCK.good Americans are dyeing we need an ass kicker in this position,one who's not afraid to call out all this shit ,even against his own party members.


Do you keep in touch with anyone from Racer X a lot?
A bit……… not enough. I wish more but there all to busy with there stuff.

Do you go to any of their shows when they’re in town?
Yes…..Priest shows mostly.I was good friends with Rob Halford when I was in a band called Surgical Steel in PHX AZ. those were good and fun times . Always nice to hook up with old friends .Johns great about hooking us up to see the Volta and he treats us like family when we see him.

What’s your favorite Racer X tune?
I have a problem with favorite any thing.I found this out as my little girl Madison was growing up and asking me questions,"Like" dad whats your favorite food? it was then i found out I don't have any favorites,so…..One of my favorites is "MOTORMAN"

How much time do you spend with music nowadays?
Not Enough………..but I am trying to burn off the Jade from my ill fated solo project that cost me a lot to make and never got the intended deal to even pay off recording expense .Since then I have been working to keep up with that but that work is not Music.

Is there a possibility of a new album including you as a singer?
I have a few possibilities on the other side of the world down under.we'll see if it happens.

What about being a drummer in a band like The Electric Fence again?
My Favorite band rite now is Black Country communion……That would be in that era of drumming for me and would be right up my alley.I would love it.I sang in the 80s my drumming is from mostly the 70s ….bring it on!!!

Can we expect you to take part in any big musical projects anytime soon?
Stranger things have happened,you never know.I'll keep breathing in and out ……that means I won't hold my breath.

Do you keep in touch with Rob Halford, Judas Priest, and in particular Scott Travis? Any news with these guys?
Rob has chosen not to keep in touch for what ever the reason.We were very good friends in the early to mid 80s then i moved to L.A and chased the brass ring there ,i wished we kept closer. The singing part of him is a given"he's the greatest" his human side has no words ……Kind ,selfless,just the best friend you could have.Travis comes up to Tahoe on occasion and we have a good time up here with friends .He sometimes sits in with a band i play with up here called Fortress.We do Priest ,Maiden and anything old school Heavy Metal, good times.

Will you reunite Surgical Steel?
Did one a few years back right before my ill fated Dokken tour.It could have been better,more time to rehearse and hang and a better venue to play at.When we were in our hay day we would take the lead idea that Vanhalen did and rent out halls or other venues ourself and put on the show ourselves …no one in PHX did that until we did.Maybe some day with that in mind and we would have a blast I'm sure.

Will you come to Europe in the future to perform live?
I hope so……I always make a point of not staying on the bus or in my room and find out the great parts of the people ,food and culture of where ever i am.Hooking up with the people and seeing there hang has always been the best part next to the performance.

Do you still have that Ibanez PGM that Paul gave you, and do you play it?
Yes I do.Paul knows my first drum set was a red sparkle kit so he gave me his red sparkle PGM from one of the Mr. Big Videos. His plan no doubt was to get me to play guitar.Problem is most people have two thumbs and eight fingers……I am endowed with ten thumbs.I can write on bass but that about it.It took me awhile to learn the parts to Time before the Sun and it was painful.

How’s life treating you these days?
No comment!!!!!

Since a new Racer X album didn’t happen during the last “few” years, do you have lots of unreleased song (lyrics) materials lying around?
Some……..It just comes back to the jaded thing again.Its hard to get much going with out a little help from your friends.
Before recording e.g. “Getting Heavier”, do you usually practice a lot, doing lots of vocal exercises etc.?
Writing was my rehearsal,spending hours on your porta studio working out ideas gets you ready.

Do you have a vocal practice routine?
As I said I have a band here in Tahoe and we Rehearse regularly.In the 80s i did not want to get to connected to any other bands so i could hopefully get my own sound.Now i have been learning other peoples songs and it has made me a much better singer than i have ever been.

When did you feel that you could make it as a singer or drummer?
When i first saw the Beatles on Ed sullivan……..Yes I'm that old.

Which do you enjoy more, singing or drumming?
Depends on who I'm singing or drumming with.

Any chance of a sequel to “The Fool” in the works?
Most likely not …..Im broke and can't afford any more free music…..but thanks to the few how actually purchased it.

What is your proudest creation as a carpenter?
I built something resembling the space shuttle…….it took off successfully and i never saw it again.
That happens to me alot.

What is the best song you’ve ever written, melody-wise and lyric-wise?
I Iike Time before the sun

Boobs or butts?

Coca Cola or Pepsi?

Did Surgical Steel ever record anything with Harley Van Kirk on lead vocals?
Don't Know

Did Surgical Steel ever record anything with you on drums?
No but i did play drums on a SS song with Racer X ……Hotter than fire.

You’re my favorite lyricist. Dead Man’s Shoes and Time Before The Sun could be short stories or flash fictions with just the lyrics alone.
I do love going down that path.Let the Spirt fly is about my love of lyrics and painting pictures with words,Till the sun burns away is about hard work and killing your self to live ,time before the sun came about from my catholic school days 4th grade to be exact .she was schooling us on creation and i asked what was up before god created anything.She could not answer of course and i thought how lonely he must have been….so its pretty much creation through the eyes of a child. 151 idiots is about depression and dealing with it.Stepping on my grave is about people mostly record exes disrespecting your art.

How do you go about with writing words and melodies for songs?
I have a list ….A BIG LIST…. of song titles. Im always adding to it daily ,they wash up on the shore like gold nuggets thru conversation ,tv any where and i never miss one.I just got one today I saw a bunch of flower pedals at a front door lying in a puddle of water,what came up is "Puddle of Flowers". That could become a sad sacked song about a love lost man trying to make up with his lover at her front door…what happened ? flowers were throne in his face and to the ground …all thats left are a "puddle of Flowers". The title writes the song.I get the music and scroll down my titles till one fits……song writes it self,i hate forcing it.I recently found out I am ADHD …….big time and with that came the realization that my first thing i come up with are it.I have driven people mad with my interruptions because as we are working on stuff ill stop every thing and just blurt these ideas out and if i don't there a fart in the wind.Its very hard having this slot machine for a mind of continuous rolling but when all the fruit lines up its special.Thats how I came up with things like Picks on a drill to make fun of other guitar players snide remarks about fast playing to putting together the Extinguishers costume at the Home depot. Realizing who and what you are and how it all works for you is every thing.Getting your members in your band to think your not crazy is a bit harder.

Would you be willing to sell signed copies of The Fool if you still have some?
Sure …if you can find any. If you do can I have one."Im serious"

Which are your top 5 bands of all time?
Beatles ,Hendrix,Zep,Sabbath and just for something not completely old "STP"

Which is your all time favorite album and why?
Are you experienced Jimi hendrix…… its all Magic that music can be.

I know you’re a huge Bonzo fan, so what do you think about Led Zeppelin’s “Celebration Day” release? Any cool stories with Jason you wanna share?
Love it, wish we had a new album with new songs to match.I was at a Foreigner show back stage and met Jasion B .I had just finished my solo album and gave it to him telling him of the track "the Art of Thunder" a tribute to his father that I loved so much.HE said if he never listen to the song that I hit it right on the head with the title and gave me a nice well felt hug. I had to Fuck off to bathroom for a cry.Them titles again!!!!

Of all the ‘80s shred-shrapnel guitar players, which one was:
The most worried about his hair
The best band you saw/heard
The most annoying one

I never gave shit one about any of them…..I was playing with the best and had tunnel vision on our brass ring.

If you could make a dream band alive, which one would be in it?
Me, in Black Country Communion.

Please talk about the “I Am The Walrus” cover you did on “The Fool”. For me, it’s the best cover I’ve heard of that tune. It’s amazing!
127 tracks of crazy back ground vocals, Intro is played on a Mandolin thru a Lesley. My vocal is 1st take .The girls …two violins and cello are run thru a Marshall with a tube screamer and the end is a tribute and sonic collage to all the clues both from Beatle albums Sargent Pepper and White album That Paul is dead.Hows that for phychedelic Communion! of course i had to remake the parts their not off the actual Beatle albums.

What’s the most outrageous lie you have been told during your music career? And the most outrageous one you’ve told yourself?
Your going to be really successful and rich in the music biz. Im going to be really ………..You get it.

What’s the best road/studio story you’ve never mentioned in an interview before from the bands you’ve been in?
Im on a tiny bus in the UK on tour with Badlands for a month.Ray gillan and his Girl friend at one end 4 feet away Jake E Lee and The bass player .They are not talking to each other and ask each other questions by asking me to tell them stuff. Rob Rhiner could not write stuff as good as this. It was a weird tour but the tension made every one play like demons.

If you had your time again, what would you do differently in your music career?
Become a singing Dr.

Did anyone really think the ‘80s big hair and spandex look was a good one, or did you think then it was horrible?
In the 50s every one including them selfs thought Bowser from Sha na na was the shit.Same thing in the 80s we thought we were the shanizzle…….If it got your dick sucked or your face on MTV it was all good, and that was the standard you had to live up to.
I'm still detoxing from aqua net poisoning

What was it like for the singer on a Shrapnel album – did Varney have a lot to say to you?
It was a wham bam Thank you mamm.I had a day to sing most of my stuff on those albums…. we did the First album in 99 hrs including mix and master,2nd heat 119 hrs.Varney is a great producer and still is he's great to work with, I owe him so much for tons of people iv met ,tours and projects iv done.

What’s the music you listen to that would destroy your metal credibility forever if people knew?
I love Duffy… only wish is to father a child with her ,or at least try.

What’s the interview question you never want to be asked again?
What the hell were you thinking when you used the head set mic on Snow Ball of doom? AAAAA "ADHD"

What’s the interview question that no-one’s ever asked, but should have? And its answer?
What is life like with three testicals?

Crowded! and or Back up!

Do you have any embarrassing giant hair ‘80s photos you can share with us?
Who Doesn't

"Not as much as I'd like" but thanks for asking!!!!


Thanks to everyone who asked questions! I've uploaded the original docx file Jeff sent me HERE. Merry Christmas, ya'll!

Mon Dec 24, 2012 4:31 am
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Post Re: Jeff Martin answers your questions!
Ha! Freakin' awesome!
Thanks, Pao & Jeff!
"Down under" huh? Hmmm........

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Mon Dec 24, 2012 6:17 am
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Post Re: Jeff Martin answers your questions!
awesome! Thanks for this xmas present!

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Mon Dec 24, 2012 12:14 pm
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Post Re: Jeff Martin answers your questions!

I thought we were never getting an answer ! :)


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Mon Dec 24, 2012 2:55 pm

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Post Re: Jeff Martin answers your questions!
This has made my day suck considerably less. Thanks!

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Mon Dec 24, 2012 2:58 pm
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Post Re: Jeff Martin answers your questions!
Jeff rocks! :)

I'm not crying. I don't have time to spend on that. I've got to keep on trying.

Mon Dec 24, 2012 3:46 pm
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Post Re: Jeff Martin answers your questions!
Huge thanks to Jeff for answering the questions, and Pao hooking us up. Pleasant Christmas indeed!

Thanks MDucran

Mon Dec 24, 2012 6:53 pm
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Post Re: Jeff Martin answers your questions!
Great christmas gift, thank you Pao and Jeff!!


Mon Dec 24, 2012 11:06 pm
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Post Re: Jeff Martin answers your questions!
Thought "damn my question didnt get answered" then realized it was referenced in the "what question do you never want to get asked about again" hahaha. I really didnt know that was he only time he used the head mic and thought it was a unique question!

Anyone want to sell me a pgm200 or pgm90th HAM?

Mon Dec 24, 2012 11:24 pm
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Post Re: Jeff Martin answers your questions!
what's wrong with the head set mic?
Loved to see him perform with it... :lol:

Tue Dec 25, 2012 12:51 am
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Post Re: Jeff Martin answers your questions!
This is really awesome, thanks to Jeff for answering the questions and to Pao for setting this up.

Shame about The Fool though. Great album overall.

Tue Dec 25, 2012 12:28 pm
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Post Re: Jeff Martin answers your questions!
Thank you Jeff for answering all our questions...and you Pao for being so nice to collect and convey them. !

Glenn Hughes and Jeff would be amazing !

Tue Dec 25, 2012 5:42 pm
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Post Re: Jeff Martin answers your questions!

I fucking knew it.


Wed Dec 26, 2012 9:52 pm
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Post Re: Jeff Martin answers your questions!
This may be the single most amazing thing that has happened in this board in over a year...

Kinda makes me think what an awesome place this was before it became the land of the survivors...

Viva Chile Mierda!

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Mon Jan 21, 2013 1:07 pm
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Post Re: Jeff Martin answers your questions!
I'm still here !


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Mon Jan 21, 2013 9:16 pm
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Post Re: Jeff Martin answers your questions!
Guitarp77 wrote:
This may be the single most amazing thing that has happened in this board in over a year...

Kinda makes me think what an awesome place this was before it became the land of the survivors...

more like Land of the Lost.......

Wed Jan 23, 2013 7:41 pm
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Post Re: Jeff Martin answers your questions!
Very cool, some good Q and A's.


"It's all good I know him personally lol. He's a smartass aussie shredder lol"

Mon Feb 25, 2013 6:56 pm
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