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 Racer X Board Interviews - Post Them Here (Do NOT Comment) 
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Post Racer X Board Interviews - Post Them Here (Do NOT Comment)
Please post your interviews here. They're here for everyone to order to make it easy to read...please no comments. I will delete them, so it's not cluttered. I'll create another for that.

Ken Hower Wrote: My advice to everyone.....DO NOT purchase any of these photographs....Tim Findlay can jack off to his hearts content over his killer pictures...alone.


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Interview #1. DukeofNoodleness aka Miranda.

KenHower: Who is your favorite guitar....LOL...just kidding. How did you find the Racer X site?

...You know something, I REALLY don't remember, I seem to remember searching Racer X because I'd been a fan for a few years and it suddenly dawned on me that they might have a website, and I guess I found the forum through there.

KH: You've been a regular on here for a very long time...thanks for being a valued member of the Racer X community. That said....What makes you stay?

Why that hot ass of yours, Ken. You know you wiggle it on purpose to keep me sweet...LOL, I keed ;)

Even though I get annoyed with some of the members inability to see things from another point of view I think a part of me would be empty without this forum! Laughing

Also, it's where I got to meet you, Tom and Wilson. All of whom I consider my friends and I'm glad to have met you!

KH: Uh, you've never seen my ass...oh, I get it..sarcasm. Moving on..Tell us about yourself....Normal stuff...what city/country were you raised? And where are you now?

Oh, and expansive question. I like these!

I was born in Yorkshire but never actually lived there. I was raised in Liverpool *ducks from flying knives*
and I'm now living in Manchester! I'm not planning on moving from Manchester for a while yet!! I love this city, and it's also where I met someone who's changed my life. For the meanwhile anyway!!

4) If you could live in any city in the world....which would you choose, and why?

Hong Kong probably. Or somewhere in Japan, but I would have to visit first. I've already been to hong kong. I'm probably the only person in the world that would WANT to live there!

KH: What do you really enjoy doing, that you rarely get to do? And something you love, and regularly do?

Reading and listening to classical music for the first one. I love Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, Poe, Hardy, Sherman Alexi (even though you can only get his work from the states!!), Haruki Murakami and some of my more odd collections like my forensics books and Japanese history books. I enjoy those.

Clasical music I love all sorts, but when I listen to it, I listen to the whole symphony, not just a couple of movement. So that's an hour or more depending on the composer of my time taken up and I rarely have that time in one bulk to concentrate ONLY on the music. However I did buy Ludovico Einaudi 'best of' the last night. Should get it in the post tomorrow.

One symphony that is one of my favourites is Shostakovich 4th symphony. The 6th movement is just stunning! Towards the end of that movement, it really quietens down at 6 minutes, and then at 7 minutes you get this amazing cescendo! I can't imagine what it's like to hear that live. I did hear a recording of it done by the BBC which had to be the best performance I ever heard of it, no shit! But it's very rare to find. My dad has a copy.

Second part of your question! (wow) Erm, I would say I love sitting down with a crate of beer and watching kung fu movies all night with my partner and/or my mates. It's more fun with my partner though because we both know a lot about martial arts, and he's training for his black belt in kung fu soon so we can chat about it. I only get to see my partner once a week but I get to do this more often than the others so this is for the second part of the question.

Bet you didn't know I was that pretentious! Laughing :)

KH: we're all scared. Do people on the board, feel like friends...even though you've never met them? Why?

My partner hates Karate. Mostly because of all the kids doing a couple of classes and claiming they can fight. It really pisses him off Laughing
Some feel like friends, yes. I think theres a certain level of speaking to someone online at which you can call them a friend. After all, they're a human being, not a computer. Just because you're reading it from a computer screen doesn't mean it's not real.

KH: You don't have to name, names...but is there anyone or people on the board...that you felt attracted to, wished you could meet them based on what they say in type?

I was attracted to Roosterman for a time. He's a very attractive guy. And even though I'm not attracted to him now I still want to meet him. He's in the UK, so it might not be too hard. But it never works out at the moment Very Happy

KH: Huh, I thought you liked my ass? But I'll defer, what do you want to be doing in 5 years?

I don't even plan tomorrow!! Okay, I at least want to be in my own house again, with my best friend, and my partner.

I want to be earning at least £20k a year and working towards a career with the police in the homicide section. I'm currently applying for the police now. I'm training so I can pass the fitness test. Goddamn it's hard. Shocked

KH: Movies tell a lot about a person....tell us your top 5 (in no order) movies...

Dammit, I was praying this didn't come up. Erm, alright...But I'm going to miss some out cause I can't list them all and there are some I hold no lower than those I'm putting down. I'm a huge film buff and I can't believe I'm missing some out.

1. Suzhou River - That film has the ability to make me feel like slitting my wrists but in such a good way! lol I STRONGLY suggest watching it. Mind you, many find it boring, but if you look at the story from my point of view you see it for what it is, and it's beautifully depressing.
2. Spirited Away - I LOVE studio ghibli, I even have a studio ghibli phone charm, and I HATE phone charms. So that shows how much I love it. But spirited away is the one that's stuck with me. Partly because I want 'noface' as a pet *holds out hand and whimpers* muurr.
3. Masque of the red death - The 1964 Vincent Price one. I'm a great fan of Poe!
4. Le Voyage dans la lune...spectacular!!
5. Little Otik - Jan Svankmajer. Oh my god, this film is a masterpiece!

Note the lack of martial art films. While I like my martial art films I couldn't pick favourites out of them. They're all awesome in their own way.

KH: What the hell happened to Star Wars, or Rambo? LOL. Name one personality trait....and one physical feature, that gets you interested in a person?

Probably the ability to make me laugh. After all, I can be a very depressing person to be around and I crave someone who can make me smile. As for physical features....If he looks like a geek he's mine!!

Sweet! GEEKS REJOICE. Thanks. I've learned a lot...especially that there is very little chance we'll agree on a movie tonight. :)

Ken Hower Wrote: My advice to everyone.....DO NOT purchase any of these photographs....Tim Findlay can jack off to his hearts content over his killer pictures...alone.


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Interview with ReXiX

1. What inspired your screen name?

It was the 90s and i was like 10years old and you HAD to have a really cool screenname on IRC so i came up with that. Actually the only thing that relates to me is that it starts on a R like in Robin. And ReXiX is XiXeR backwards btw.

2. What first prompted you to listen to Racer X?

Well i was a real Kirk Hammet fanboy buying his guitar and playing all theese penatonic licks and i thought that i was SOOO COOL. Until i got this CD with tabs from a friend of mine and there was this band called Racer X . I was like: okaaay....

And i checked out this song called Technical Difficulties and i was like: OMG this must be like a videogame song or something.

So i googled it up and got to this site and i listened to the clips on the site and it was actually FASTER than the tab so i was really blown away
Very Happy

3. Hypothetical question. You have the power to evolve to the next stage of humanity. Which superpower would you want?

The power to manipulate, why? becuse well if i got like superspeed then USA will kill me becuse im a threat against their homeland security. Na But seriously it would be cool to climb the social ladder.

4. Apart from the obvious (guitar and music) what are your other hobbies?

there is a life besides music? haha well i am studying in school to become a software programmer and webdesigner so computers is a really strong intresst for me.

5. Tell us an amusing anicdote about something that happened to you in school. I always love these stories!

well it was school trip to Stockholm like 440km from home and my girlfriend lives there. The purpose of the trip was to go visit difrent churches and hare krshna and stuff like that, and after we had visit em we got two hours of free time so i went over to my gf of course with the subway... and what i didnt realize was that it took like 30mins to her and i thought it took like 15mins to all the adrenaline of meeting her.

So anyway i was with her and it was amazing to be with her and stuff like that. And when i looked at the clock i had like 30 min on me to get back to the station where the buss was leaving from Exclamation and they where really hard on that point that we should make it back in time otherwise the buss would leave:!:

so we ran down to the subway station and kissed farewell and everything in a rush and i sent like 2416sms´es to my friend that sat on the buss to gain me 10minutes and he said that the teacher gave me FIVE.

So i was reaaaally stressed out and after 30mins i was there, i ran upp the stairs and when i came up i saw the buss started rolling and i was like
Shocked Shocked and then the GEARBOX made the buss to stop ... it had somekind of problem so i BARELY made it Very Happy haha

Eitherway the teacher that almost got a heartattack becuse of me is teasing me becuse of this still till this day... and oh yeah everyone thought that i came late becuse we had sex

6. Are you religious or athiest? Tell us why, how and how it makes you feel.

Athiest, i dont see the reason WHY you have to be pushed down by something bigger. You are what you are and you are where you are becuse of yourself.

But ofcourse for people who are religious, i am really glad that it help them in hard times and respekt to that Smile but for ME personally i survive without. I belive in humanity.

7. Going back to your interest in IT. Do you plan to have a career with computers. Tell us why/why not?

Well i study IT just becuse its like a parachute if i fail with the music, but my big passion in life is to stand on stage playing my music to people that also love my music as much as i do. Even musicians need money so thats why.

8. Whats the most attractive feature in a lady? And the least attractive feature? 9/10 times what do you look for?

The first thing i look at a lady must be the eyes, some have those eyes you can stare in several hours! after that is the style and what kind of hair she got. I like Rocker girls so its alot with that.

Least attractive? must be armpits... its just a non-attractive place i guess Smile

9. What's your favourite cartoon character!?

hmm tricky one! i always loved the roadrunner stuff when i was a kid but hmm i have to say Sound-Wave in transformers! What a hardcore robot that transforms into a..... TAPE RECORDER while everyone else is like tanks and airplanes.

10. I've never quite understood the signature bar of names...can you explain that too me?
You mean the one with flags? well it was a fun thing Jual did for us a while back, we where allitle to post-whoreish so we became the bad gang of the forum and it stuck there. On every members banner the girl in the right position is the girl we think is the hottest mine is Avril but Hayley Williams pwns her now but anyway its fun Smile and yeah the nationality of everyone is symbolized by the flag behind our names. And the pictures shall be of our avatars

i also have "R1ch Ward needs more cowbell" just to tease igotafro Smile


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Post My interview with Jual!!!
My interview with Jual!!!

What a great sport! Nice guy! Aside from not letting my well-intentioned tactlessness get in the way, he was very gracious in answering my serious, and even stupid questions:


1.Unless I’m wrong, you seem to have a sort of love/hate thing with the south.
What are 1 or 2 things you like about it, and hate about it?

Well, first of all I would like to thank you for considering me for this, my good buddy! Ok, one thing I like about the south is the fact that I was birthed here- in a swamp basically. There's tons of rich history, and a lot of colorful people (not colorED... well... wait there is!!!).

Despite all it's history, plus extra cool points because I am from the south, it is a very difficult place to grow up. I'm not implying that other parts of this country (or world for that matter) aren't difficult to grow up in, but for a person like me- it was and IS. We're generally more prejudice; lower-education; lower income; lazier people; no outlets for youth; the list goes on.

I wish I could help the south get a better rep. I'm proud to say that I came out of it, but I never got the success I had hoped for... so I can't really do much to help.

2.You have a wonderfully bizarre & twisted sense of humor!
Who are some of your favorite comedians? Favorite movies?

Why thank you! I LOVE yours as well- not too similar, but we contrast beautifully, I do think so. It mostly comes from growing up the way I did. I didn't find beating helpless animals and picking on girls very funny like most of the rednecks. So, i had to find other sources. I never liked humans, so I always appreciated when I saw them hurt. It started with that.

Well, some of my favorite comedians would be Rudy Ray Moore, the SNL Guys n Gals, Dane Cook, and a bunch of unknown guys like Fishman Larry! It takes a lot to make me laugh, if you can, you've earned my love.

Oh lord.... Movies? Shit..... that'd take more fucking time to tell you that than it would take for kid fuckers to get the punishment they deserve.

3.What prompted you to start playing the guitar?

Now that I look back on it... my uncle. All of them were musicians. Uncle Bell filled in fiddle for Charlie Daniels before. But... I had always had an interest in sounds and music and I dunno... the guitar was the most accessible and portable one. Plus, I liked rock!

My uncle always brought me new records when I was a little pudge faced brat. He brought me a Residents record (Meet The Residents) and said someone had vandalized a beatles album, and "I can have that shit". That's when I took my playing to the next level.

4. O.k., you’re like 6’10” or something. Is it hard to fit into carnival rides?

That's funny. People in real life always thing I'm bigger than I really am... :/ Since I don't go to the doctors or anything, I haven't been measured properly in ages. According to my construction worker's ribbon, I'm about 6'5"-6'6". It really all depends on the condition of my back. I'm sure I'll be crippled within the next couple years.

XD I don't really go places to get on rides, but if I'm taking my wonderful nieces and nephews anywhere I usually DO have to leave them to go alone. Although, my nephew is about 2x my size and taller than me...... You should talk to him about that!!!! >.>

5.You have an exquisite taste for the avant garde. What are your thoughts on John Lydon’s post Sex Pistols project, P.I.L.? King Crimson? Or is that too mainstream for you, buster?

Why thank you. I was actually quite a fan of Sex Pistols, to the surprise of most of you probably!!! I remember I even tried ripping my jeans... I also own a few Sex Pistols collectible records. But to answer your question, I LOVE PIL. It was to my great pleasure to hear some real musical stuff from Mr. Rotten!!! Not too mainstream at all! Dude, you're talking to one of the biggest Rick Springfield fans in the world!

King crimson was a MAJOR influence, not only musically, but in my life. Always have, and always will be a fan <3 (that was not gay)

6. What particular qualities do you look for, or what qualities jump out at you when you find an ‘off-the-beaten-path’ music artist that you enjoy?

Usually the passion behind it, the level of musicianship or creativity- like any other music really. But one thing for 'weird' (for lack of better words) music is their use of "sounds" rather than just notes. Some artists are very talented at it IE The Residents, Zappa, Fred, etc. Then there are guys like Anal Cunt who completely disgrace any "weird music" and punk completely. I know they are just a joke, but still.... I take this stuff to heart. Their use of sounds makes me puke.

I'm big into the world of psychoacoustics and how sound affects the brain. Sound guys who know what they are doing have learned how things other than JUST musical notes... The sporadicity of certain objects' vibrations can project many more images into the listener's mind. It brings a new quality into the music. Wait... where'm I going with this??? I went completely off-topic.

Anyways, mostly how much they care about what they are doing and any new and unique sounds.

7.Is there another country or continent you would love to visit that you haven’t yet? Why?

I would love to visit every part of the world. But two places stick out-

Japan because I have always been obsessed with Japanese art, cuisine and culture. It would be cool to live there... or just visit?

Any place dragons have ever been rumored to be- Just because I'm cool like that. jk. The whole medieval thing has always been a favorite of mine. Not much other than that. Maybe I'm not too worldly?

8. It looks like you had a fairly successful band at the time of the big L.A. music scene in the ‘80’s for a while. What particular memory that you recall are you most fond of? Was there anything in that particular music industry/scene that you despised?

Thank you. It was enough to keep me fed, and also to fuel some other things that I'm not particularly proud of.

One of my best times was just gigging. It wasn't really the thrill of playing live, but more of the crowds' receptions. It felt really good to hear someone cheering on to MY original music. And also hiding in my weird little licks and being accepted by the audience. It made me feel that avant-garde had a chance.

My audition with David Coverdale was very scary, but it was definitely the highest part of success. FORTUNATELY, Stevie ultimately got the job. If I would have played on that record, there'd be tons of kids trying to recreate shitty guitar parts.

My biggest conflict with the music industry was how they don't allow creativity. "They" (the devious, infamous THEY!!!) want you to keep playing the same washed up shit- nothing new or original. If it's not I IV V, you're not gonna be successful.

9.Hypothetically, if by chance you didn’t play electric guitar, what other instrument would you most like to have learned? (Assuming you’re not good at a whole bunch of other instruments.)

I DO play quite a few other instruments, including some of my own homemade instruments! I can't say I'm 'good' at guitar, let alone anything else.

Um.... most likely some sort of a keyed instrument. I've always like weird little keyboards. But in all seriousness, probably violin or viola. Because my uncles were mainly established fiddlers, I would have had great teachers. hah. I've always loved bowed instruments, and I bet that viola would be my main instrument, had I not chosen a scalloped acoustic guitar.

10. Say you’re stuck on a desert island for a while. Would you rather be stuck there with Queen Latifah, Angelina Jolie, the Olson twins, Halley Berry, or Tia Carrera?

For what qualities? lol (I never say that) Most likely Queen. I could have quite a few laughs, and she'll keep me straight. I know she eats, so she could keep me fed!! She strikes me as the better person.

Queen Latifah FTW! Aaaaw, yeeeaaah. Now that's what I'm talkin' about! :twisted:

I had a very good time with this interview Rich. Thank you very much. Hopefully I gave my fellow boardies some laughs, and maybe a little insight into my life and the few morals I've hidden in here. You can follow my path if you'd like, but make sure you wear boots, it's pretty muddy and rocky. <3

(actually if you want, I'm up for more! )

Social justice is for pussies!

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This night, guys, we'll be interviewing the guy who wants to come to my land....Ryan!

Q1: When did you have your first contact with rock music?
1. I've probably been exposed to rock music my entire life, but the first contact that I can remember was in 1992-93. I was six or seven years old. It was Megadeth's Countdown to Extinction album, which had just come out. I loved it, especially "High Speed Dirt". I was too young to really understand anything about the band or their political messages, but I was a fan from a very, very young age. Towards the mid-1990s, I began listening to Alice in Chains, Metallica, Collective Soul, White Zombie, Primus, Soundgarden, Guns N' Roses, and a few other bands that I saw on MTV.

I should mention that I had a second "awakening" in terms of rock music. From 1999 to 2000, I was a fan of Kid Rock, Dr. Dre, Limp Bizkit, Eminem, and ICP. I still liked rock music, but it took a back stage to hip-hop. It wasn't until an unlikely force emerged from my brother's music collection and pulled me out of my misery: KISS! And shortly thereafter, Racer X, Symphony X, and Dream Theater. It was a rebirth as far as rock music is concerned. My tastes have expanded a bit since then, but rock music is at the forefront of my tastes.

Q2: What is your occupation now, and what is your goal to the nearly future?

2. I'm working part-time at Wal-mart, but need a full-time job. Right now, the goal is to make money and not be miserable doing it. Long-term goal is to get through university and work somewhere decent. That's proving to be an issue. I'm not even sure what I want to do or what I want to be. I'm just pitching my sails and seeing where my ship takes me.

Q3: What are your hobbies?

3. My hobbies include: Video games, watching movies, cooking and drinking beers, researching things, reading non-fiction books (currently reading one about the United Nations), watching mixed martial arts (vale-tudo) competition on DVD or pay-per-view, jamming on rock tunes, and hanging out with friends.

You'll probably be surprised to hear that (playing) music isn't really a big hobby of mine. With so many talented musicians at this forum, most of our posters are regularly practicing their instruments. Not me. I rarely pick up my bass guitar; unfortunately, my skills have diminished a lot since I stopped playing. I'm wondering if I'll be able to get my chops and endurance back, but I don't have the desire. I'd like to buy an electronic drumset, but I'll go ahead and say it now: I'm not a serious musician. I like to jam, though. It'll have to be on drums, for now, until I can work my way back into the bass guitar.

Q4: Have you ever been into any bands? If so, could you tell me a little bit of each one of them? If not, why aren't you in a band?
4. Been in a few. The first one was a speed metal band that I was asked to join in high school. They were looking for a bass player, so he asked me to join. We played some Motorhead and Metallica tunes, and they were writing some of their own songs. I left the band. I started to get bored with practice, and I felt a little uncomfortable playing with the guys. They were cool, though. Ran into them a few years later in a guitar store.

A year after, I upgraded my equipment (got a Fender Jazz) and had new influences in tow (Geddy Lee) and I'd say I became a bit more dynamic. I started jamming with a drummer named Greg who I met over the Internet, and we invited a guitarist from the Racer X Asylum named Joel to Greg's house to jam. Things were going pretty well, but we never stuck together despite how well we were playing. We did some Racer X, Rush, and Mr. Big tunes. Never formed into a band.

I was asked to join my brother's band and then I had my first gig at a pool (billiards) hall. This band was called Eight Down and Steady. My brother played lead guitar, and I'd known the rest of the band for years, so we were comfortable playing together. We recorded some songs, but the band broke up after the singer moved to a different state. We took the remaining members from that band (including my brother) and formed a new one called Roadside Music Men. We recorded a song or two. They were writing frequently, but I got bored with it and left the band. That was two or three years ago, and I haven't been in a band since. Why? Not interested in it anymore.

Q5: Which one was the best concert you have ever gone?
5. Only have been to a few concerts. I saw two of my favorite bands in concert, Rush and Megadeth, but I especially liked when I saw Symphony X when they were touring for their V album. Unlike most concert experiences, this one was at a very small hall, so it felt much more personal.

Q6: What do you think about the apology to violence that some Heavy Metal bands do?
6. Heavy metal music should be unapologetic, and people should be responsible for their own actions. I particularly like Megadeth's song about censorship, entitled "Hook in Mouth". Megadeth is a great way to vent all sorts of frustrations. About violence, well, society needs to be kicked around every once in a while

Q7: WOW I love that Hook in Mouth song! Well, as you seem to like Megadeth A LOT, could you tell me what do you think about Dave?

7. Which Dave? Ellefson or Mustaine? Ellefson has been an influence of mine for years. As a bass player, I think he's very underrated. Sometimes he'll get mini solo spots; he really impresses me, even more so than Cliff Burton (who is arguably thrash metal's best known bass player). Ellefson just plain rocks; one of the best pick players I've ever seen, and that is including Andy West and Bobby Vega.
PS: Sorry, I was thinking about Mustaine…

Mustaine, in my eyes, is a real genius. Not only is he great on guitar (good solos, excellent riffs), but he's a well-rounded musician who knows what to look for in a song. He's creative, knows how to communicate his ideas into words and music, and he's intelligent. A lot of bands nowadays are political, but Mustaine sewed a message into his songs that was subtly disguised and not quite obvious. And it was meaningful debate material, not as simplistic and single-minded as today's political music. Mustaine is the brainchild behind Megadeth, so any good thing I say about the band is ultimately traced back to Mustaine. I just wish he'd hire new musicians; I am not too crazy about the current lineup.

Q8: Do you like watching cartoons? Which ones are/were your favorites?
8. I'd rank Family Guy high in my list for cartoons, but their "feature films" aren't that special. I'm speaking of Blue Harvest (Star Wars spoof) and the Stewie Griffin Untold Story. They didn't do much for me. Other than that, Spongebob Squarepants is of course a favorite. I enjoy the subtle adult humor that is sometimes planted in the episodes. I was a fan of Dragonball and Dragonball Z, but by the time GT was airing in the United States, I had lost interest. I've always liked Beavis and Butthead. That's about it for cartoons.

Q9: If you were on a movie/TV show character, which one would you choose to be? and why!?

9. That's a tough one. Most of the characters in my favorite shows are put in some bad predicaments. I guess I shouldn't say Felix Leiter from James Bond because his leg gets bitten off by a shark. Oh wait. I'd want to be Q from the James Bond movie series. Can you imagine how amazing that job would be? Exploding telephone booths, wristwatches that shoot poisonous darts, and custom cars that fire stinger missiles. It'd be like Christmas, every morning, except my toys are shrapnel, gadgetry, and noxious gas.

Q10: Let's get a little more serious in this last one: do you think that the mankind will find strength and willpower to stop stuff as the Global Warming and the Starvation around the world?

10. Global warming would be a bad example, for me. I don't believe it's a man-made issue, or at the least, it is only partially man-made. Climate effects, solar radiation, and volcanic activity might be equally to blame for global warming, so getting people involved in the global warming debate is not really a position that I have much interest in. Right now, scientists are still only scratching the surface; it's just that the impatient and excitable ones are speaking out prematurely. If anything, I want people to research the issue more before they take a side. They should know what effects humans have on the environment, but also know what effects nature has on the environment. That's the message I hope people take away from the global warming debate.

Starvation is a different problem altogether, but we can only do so much, right? So, it really depends on which society you're looking at. Is the society starving because it's a tiny village in East Africa that's being run by corrupt warlords? Is the society starving because their government is taking money from the United Nations and spending it on ballistic missiles and armaments instead of food? We're looking for an answer to a broad question: How do we stop poverty and starvation? The answer involves political change, and maybe some killing. That's right, I said it: The answer involves killing. It has to. Some people need to die before others get a chance to live. Pick a target, take it out with precision, send a squad of peacemakers in to protect the people while a new government is established, and pray that the people don't reject the new government like a person's body in surgery might reject a foreign heart or organ. Hope that the government actually changes some things. Because we're fighting in the hopes that we'll see results; we're never sure what will happen when the guns stop firing, we can only guess. Then, I suppose, it's all up to the people. That said, starvation and poverty will never go away. And we've done a lot and have spent a lot of money in trying. For now, we can just help whoever we can without getting ourselves into too much trouble, and hope that the rest of the world will see things a bit differently.

finally...that's it!
Thank you for answering to my silly questions...I really appreciate the attention you gave to this interview!


You're welcome, Sir Robin, it was fun.

JeffMartin wrote:
Incredibly cool artwork.
You're hired. :)
For what...I have no clue.

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Alright guys. Just got finished with my interview. Here he is, in his glory:

Rich (formerly Rich L./Jimmy)


Today, we'll be talking with Rich, who hails from North Denver, Colorado. He was born in Monroe, Louisiana, and will be 41 on February 27. Let's give him a big round of applause, everybody.


Thank you, thank you. Alright, let's get to it.

1. What was your first favorite band and how did you get into them? Also, can you tell me when you first heard Racer X?

Clearly, The Beatles! I don't even remember all of it, but my parents said that when I was 4 years old, I'd try to put their records on the player by myself, scratch up the albums, as uncoordinated as I was, and listen to them, skips & all! My mom & dad used to listen to a lot of that, plus stuff like Steely Dan, The Rolling Stones, plenty of classical music (took me a while longer to really appreciate it, though). My dad freaked when I started listening to Kiss, though! I had inadvertently stepped into rebellion! EGAD!

About Racer-X, that's kind of funny. My very first post on this board was about that. You replied on it, too!

[Oops, I did forget about that. -Ed.]

My good artist friend Andy (the one who does that fantasy art) showed me a couple of songs from a guitar mag back when they had the little albums inside. One side was Frenzy, & the other side was Scarified. He had me try to guess who it was, when I first heard it. I was about to say Yngwie, but I knew it wasn't him! When he showed me the name, I had heard of Paul (LA guitar wars), but never actually heard him until then. I'm glad he showed me. I think it was in 1986. Been a big fan ever since!
Great song content & scary lead guitar combined! Who ever heard of such a thing?

2. What are your hobbies outside of music?

I have a 6 year old son who keeps me very busy, so I've had to put some of my hobbies on hold for a while.

I've loved mountain bike riding, roller blading, practicing martial arts, rock climbing, weight lifting (my cousin, who got me into it went to '88 & '92 olympics for power lifting). I also used to love drawing. Never got too much into traditional sports, though. Got nothing against it. I got kind of good at drawing too, but stopped for some reason or another (probably guitar fanaticism) before I graduated high school.

I also love conversing & interacting with other people like my co-workers. It's fun trying to make them laugh. Most of them are liberal minded, and it's nice to know I've won them over, in a sense.....well, not over to my political way of thinking, but with whatever charm I can muster. Ha!

Right now, my primary job & hobby is watching my son grow & doing the best I can to raise him. Great, funny, cute, energetic kid!

3. What is your most prized possession in terms of music? It could be a CD, an instrument, or even a guitar pick that has sentimental value.

It might sound corny, but aside from taking the occasional dishwashing job in high school to save up for guitars that I still own, it would have to be my knowledge & love for music! I thank God that I have an ability to comprehend music. I believe it's a gift many of us have, that we sometimes take for granted. I would try to play any old instrument (and I have, with a few; saxophone, piano, drums, bass, violin, mandolin, etc.)! I loved it when I discovered how to work on harmony, melody, modes, etc. Those Beatles punks really did a number on me! Ha, ha.

Although, there was a violin that my wife bought for me a few Christmases ago. She knew I took lessons back when I was in 4th grade. Someday I would love to practice on that instrument again to a point where I'm really good at it. This may sound like blasphemy to some, but to me, the violin is an even more expressive instrument than the guitar.... (Well, until you start hearing people like Michael Hedges, or Adrian Legg play.)

[Agree. Steve Morse also comes to mind. -Ed.]

4. Out of all political candidates up for election this year, which three do you like the most? You could list them in order if you've decided that you like one over the others, or just give three names in no particular order. Also, if you have a clear favorite, explain why he or she is your candidate.

The one I like the most in this current crop is Fred Thompson. His straight talk makes McCain sound like he's spouting off populist nursery rhymes! Ha, ha. I like the fact that he takes absolutely no guff off the mainstream press, either. One of the few issues I know of that I disagree with is that he supported the McCain Feingold bill regarding free speech. When he speaks, he is succinct, and to the point. He feels no need to draw a sentence out longer than he should. Romney would have to be 2nd. Sure, it's said he's flip-flopped on a couple of issues, namely abortion, but aren't we all allowed to change our minds? He's also had a very consistent record regarding other issues. I'm not too terribly fond of Huckabee or McCain given their populist 'big government' views and records in particular (they both seem to have a good bit more in common with democrats than I'd like, Huckabee on crime, McCain on immigration, and the fact that the mainstream press gives them so much positive attention should worry real conservatives), and I've got very mixed feelings about Rudy. Don't like his gun control or abortion stance, but he could possibly make a great leader. He appeares very sincere.

I think one should vote for a candidate because of what they believe, not because of who they are. ex: "Look at me, I'm evangelical, I'm a war hero, I'm black, I'm a woman". Phooey, I say! The political arena is one of ideas!

The best I could hope for is some kind of Thompson/Romney ticket, but it might not be in that order, if at all.

[You can learn more about Fred Thompson by clicking here, and more about Mitt Romney by clicking here. -Ed.]

Excellent. I've got some more for you, bud.

5. What do you think about being called "Jimmy"? Why, what kind of nefarious--

Just kidding.

5. This is a multi-part question. What are your favorite restaurants? Favorite foods? Do you drink alcohol? If so, list your favorite beers or alcoholic drinks. Last but not least, I know you didn't list this as a hobby, but do you cook? If so, what are your favorite foods and/or drinks to prepare?

I get the f*ck down when it comes to mexican food! I love deep fried chilli rellenos! I'm really starting to like oriental food too, now. You know, that pho stuff, beef fried rice, etc. I used to be a very picky eater, until one day my wife got me drunk, you know, false liquid courage (I guess that answeres our alcohol question), and I started eating many different things that I normally wouldn't have. I was sad that for so many years I cheated my taste buds out of a good time! If I need a quick fix, if a well-done hamburger isn't available, I'll eat a good old peanut butter sandwich.

Most hard liquor tastes like I'm drinking paint thinner, so unless it's mixed into a fru-fu girlie drink, I stay away from it. I like many different kinds of micro brewed beer, some foreign beer is great, but I couldn't get into Guiness. It's like drinking soggy cardboard. Yuck!

It's funny. I don't often drink, but when I do, it tastes great, and I have a good time (I'm a happy drunk). Gosh, I probably only go to the liquor store maybe 8 times a year, maybe less, to buy beer (drinking casually), and I probably only get outright hammered once a year. On new year's, if even then.

6. Seriously. Where did the idea to use Pikachu as an avatar come from? If your six-year-old son and I were playing Pokemon on our GameBoys, and we were in versus mode, who would win: The level 98 Pikachu, or the level 88 Raichu? Be honest! This is a pressing matter!

Ha, ha! Great question! I'll say that although my son knows much more than me about 'Pokemon', I have an affinity towards all things cute, stupid, and innocent. The first time I saw a pokemon show on t.v., I laughed so hard at what they sound like! Like when Pikachu's running real fast & he/she goes "pika-pika-pika-pika-pika", or that weird thing in the eggshell that girl carrys around who doesn't do anything, but makes the funniest strangest noises! [That would be Togepi, Rich. -Ed.] It sounds so cheap, but I laugh so hard when I see it, I've gotta love it! They're so darn cute! I want to pinch Pikachu's cheeks! You'll also be happy to know that I've seen almost all Spongebob episodes several times over; I've learned to love goofy clever cartoons. It's not like I can watch 'Apocalypse Now' in front of my son, you know. So if I can't beat 'em, join 'em!

7. We need a list from you, Rich. Buckle down for a short while and pull out the thinking cap, my friend, this will be your official Top Three Movies, Albums, Actors, Martial Artists, and Pro Wrestlers. That's right. (1) First, give me your top three movies. They can be as recent or as old as you want. (2) Top three albums; if possible, limit your selection to one band per list. (3) List your three favorite actors, dead or alive. (4) Top three martial artists; that includes amateur wrestlers, boxers, kickboxers, or actors who are adept in the martial arts (I know of one who appeared in your avatar a while back). Just so you know, it wouldn't be against the "rules" for you to have the same person appear in both the favorite actors and favorite martial artists lists. (5) Top three pro wrestlers! This should be fun.

Wow! I gotta think? This interview's over!

J/k. This paragraph's gonna be longer than the political one! :lol:
The original Star Wars trilogy's great! George Lucas had an awesome vision & didn't stop for no one! Empire strikes back in particular. Return of the Jedi, everyone said "I know" too much, if you remember. Plus Luke was acting like he was a little light-in-the-loafers, if you know what I mean. Gave me the creeps. The next trilogy I still liked, but not quite as much as the original. Character development was seriously lacking, although I thought Darth Maul was probably the best villain in all that series, hands down! One mean mother f*ker!

I love certain comedys. Galaxy Quest was fantastic, 'cause Tim Allen is a great comedic actor. I thought O' brother where art thou, Slingblade, & Fargo were also great. The dark humor that you're not sure whether you should laugh at or not.
Oh, I laugh.

Christopher Walken is just a stinkin' bad-ass! I'd watch him in a remake of The Wizard of Oz, if I had to. Awesome, & intense. These are just things I'm thinking of off the top of my head. This list could change 2 months from now, you know.

I never got much into wrestling, but as far as martial artists go of course,

Bruce Lee, Bruce Lee, & Jackie Chan! Jet Li ain't too shabby either.
Jackie Chan has elaborate, well coreographed stunts (sometimes) that make you appreciate the time & effort he puts in his work.

I really admired Bruce Lee's philosophy regarding the direct, practical, no-nonsense approach to fighting! Awesome! Why didn't someone think of that earlier? I'm sure some have, but how can you not appreciate a guy who can do 1 finger push ups? I've never seen that before, & never since. I don't know of anyone who is in as good a shape as he was. Sure, some are close, but............
1 finger push ups, for crying out loud!

3 albums? Hmmmm. This is also a list that could change every few months, or so.

1. Van Halen 1, because Ed & the gang made the absolute most with what they had, & even though the mixing's not superb, it didn't have to be. They wasted ass! One could say that without the young agressive Ed that we knew in those days, there'd be no Paul Gilbert that we all know today.

2. Judas Priest Screaming for Vengeance, because with great mixing, great musicians/singers, & great songs, you can be on top of the world!

3. The Beatles A hard day's night, because apart from the fact that their songs were famously & eternally catchy, what other band where all the members looked like pee-wee Herman could make a stadium full of girls tee-tee in their pants, & pass out from having some sort of stupid quasi-orgasm? None, that's who! A rare example of the right band at the right place, at the right time! History in the making!

Alright Rich, we're in the final stretch! Thanks for biting down on the bullet and bearing through these exhausting, pressing questions. The world wants to know the real Rich, so now is your chance to grab the world by the neck and tear its fucking throat out: "Leave me alone already!"

8. When did you start keeping up with politics? When did the political bug bite you? Was there a particular moment in your history that attracted your attention?

When I say this, the 'other side' will love beating me over the head with this one. Oh, well. F*ck 'em.

Up until my mid 20's, I was pretty much apolitical. I had other things to worry about in my small world, & didn't concern myself with anything political. My dad tipped me off on a Rush Limbaugh radio program. I didn't take his advice in listening to the program until almost a year later. I finally heard someone who was passionate about divulging truth & exposing corruption in politics, AND would sometimes explain it in a funny way. I like humor as much as the next guy, and it sounded like he was having fun at his job, so I indulged my curiosity further, & was hooked! When my wife & I had our son, I cared even more about where the direction of our country was going, & where I would like it to go. Now I have plenty of other sources I go to for news, but I've got to listen to the "Mr. Kick-ass show" at least a couple of times a week! It's fun!

9. What about American society angers you the most? There's got to be something. If you had a chance to kick our society in the ass, what would be your reason? Are we lacking in areas, careless in others? What really peels your banana? Steams your engine, that is. Gets your goat? You get the drift!

I have one simple answer: Political correctness. I hate it! The fear of speaking your mind because you're afraid to hurt some pansy's feelings, or even get sued by said pansy. Many pockets of America are loosing their guts. Maybe not as much with the common people as with people in positions of authority or power.

For example, why victor davis hanson is even allowed to live at all, baffles me! If I'm not mistaken, there is something written in our constitution on how to deal with severe acts of treason. Death. victor easily fits into that category. There's no argument. Why is he alive? Because there are more than enough pussies in our judicial system trying to force a different set of values on us than we need.

Some say that capital punishment is not an effective crime deterrent. Okay, maybe when people on death row in California die of old age before they get strapped in, I could concede that point. But I'll tell you what is certainly not an effective crime deterrent. Dealing with harsh crime in a soft way. That's an invitation, as far as I see it! I had a quote from Albert Einstein of all people on my signature a while back, & it said something like: "The only thing that guarantees evil will prevail, is for good men to do nothing." It saddens me that we're already beginning to see some of this. It's not that bad yet, though. I'm a hopeless optimist! Very Happy

I had the fortune of reading some of your interview, & you basically said something, if I could paraphrase, like: Sometimes you need to remove obstacles in order to help good people, & sometimes that means even killing the drug lord dictator type. For some reason, no one wants to hear that. I do! When people refuse to see the reality that true evil can still take the form of a human being, that worries me. Complacency. Apathy. Political Correctness. It's time for the pendulum to swing the other way!

10. Let's make this a fun one. We all have comedic moments in life. The other weekend, I was mixing some vodka-filled White Russians (this unfortunate event is chronicled in the "favorite foods" thread) and had done a stupid thing by trying to perfect the recipe while drinking every sample. First twenty minutes, I was fine. By the twenty-first, I was smashed potatoes. My brother's girlfriend walked in at 2:30 a.m., and I was my sharp, coordinated self: Tripped over my brother's guitar, did a front somersault and landed on the couch before informing her, "I'veahd hadd a feww drinkss." Give us a funny story that happened to you. Out drinking with the boys? Everybody lives a life of humor, so tell us your story! You've peaked my interest. Wet my whistle, that is.

I'm going to try to make this one as short as I can, but it's a doozy! Ready?

My friends & I were getting ready to spend 2 months in a row (in the summer) doing desert training in California at the Army base there. We were going to drink the night before! After continually mixing hard liquor with beer, we eventually stopped at this bar that served something infamous, called "The Line". The bartender would line up 6 different large shot glasses, all different colors in front of you, & he was not allowed to tell you what was in the last black shot glass (that should've tipped me off right there). Well, another drunk sh*t talker wanted to race me to see who could drink The Line the fastest. After downing about the 3rd glass, I blacked out.

The next thing I remember, I was in a cold shower back in our barracks with just my shorts on, 3 or 4 guys standing over me, & one of them said "I don't know guys, we need to take him to the hospital to get his stomach pumped!" The moment they turned the cold water off, I blacked out again!

The next time I woke up, it was 6:30 the next evening, I felt like I had atrophied, there were strange bruises all over my body, & strange itchy little bumps all over my PENIS! Well naturally, I had to go find my friends so they could tell me what the f*ck happened!

They informed me that after I drank the line (I won the race; yipee! Rolling Eyes ), I collapsed, & my 2 friends had to carry me out of the place. When we went outside, a police car was driving by, & my friends threw me in some bushes as they hid themselves. When a cop picks up a soldier for drunk & disorderly, that's bad news. The cop drove off, and my friends spotted a pickup truck with 2 other army guys driving.
"Hey, can we get a ride back to base with you guys?"
"Sure. Hop in back. We're just going to stop by a McDonald's drive through on the way back, if you don't mind."
These guys drove up to the McDonald's window, & the girl shut the window as soon as they drove up, motioning for them to leave. Service was refused!
The guys driving the truck went across the street to get gas, & that's when they saw me laying down in the back of the truck, unconscious, just swimming in about 3 deep inches of my own vomit! (That explains the service refusal.)
The guys were real pissed off! One of them dropped the hatch, grabbed me by the collar, and slid me out where I dropped onto the concrete like a sack of potatoes! They drove off.
Back to square 1. My friends that had stayed with me (God bless them!) finally went in the gas station to call the M.P.s for a ride back to the base. In the meantime, they had to hide me from sight, so they placed me behind a trash dumpster at the side of this 7-11.

Behind the trash dumpster is where the red ants started feasting on my crotch.

The military police finally came, & as they were giving us a ride back, I gave them the courtesy of throwing up in the back of their squad car...again....before they finally got us to our destination. They didn't quite pick up on the fact that I made a mess of their car.

That's when they dragged me to the shower. When they got done cleaning me off, they plopped me on the bed where I layed in the same position for about 18 hours! When I woke up, I literally got down on my knees & thanked God Almighty that I was still alive, & I have never gotten that drunk since!

That's it, Rich. Thanks again, my friend, it was a pleasure.

Wow! Fun stuff! Thank you, Ryan! It's always fun having discussions with you & reading what you have to say. You're obviously bright, & sharp as a tack! It was a pleasure!

- Ryan

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My interview with SambaBoy


BT: I thought this might be a cool thing to do if you don't mind being interviewed!

SB: Yup, of course I'd love to do this! :D

BT: Ok, so you're from Norway. I've heard it can get pretty fucking cold up there. Us Brits love to complain about the weather, but we've really not got it so bad compared to you guys. How would you go about keeping warm if you were left for dead in the Norwegian country side?

SB: This year haven't been too freezy, the lowest has been around -10 C Degrees (which equals about 14 F Degrees), though I've experienced temperatures down to -40 C Degrees, which is QUITE cold! Being a boyscout didn't make it any warmer, tbh :lol: . However, to answer your question, the best tips I can give is:

1 - Burry yourself down in the snow (if it is snow/snowing, if it's all cold wind, you should either have a problem or seek tip 2 below). By doing this, your body temperature will "gather" within the hole you've buried when you lie there for a couple of minutes. You can be in this hole for days without freezing, unless it colapses. :lol:

2 - LOTS of spare clothes helps. When it's cold, your outer skin dries, and your body will sweat much easier; even taking a short walk in -30 C would make you all sweaty, and when the sweat gathers in your t-shirt, socks, sweater (and so forth), you'll get even colder in a matter of seconds. What you should always do is bring spare clothes with you; extra t-shirts, socks, maybe an extra sweater (for extra sweating :wink: ). It keeps your freezing to a minimum. :)

3 - Wear cotton-clothes. :)

BT: You've been on this forum for quite some time now. When you first joined under the moniker of DeaD.CeLL, you were seen as a bit of a troll (Sorry for reminding you ;) ) But a lot has changed since then. What advice would you give to current would be trolls?

SB: Indeed, I must've joined around 8th grade. And, yes, I was a major troll in here when I was DeaD.CeLL, but that wasn't for the sake of ruining your guys' fun; it was simply 'cus I didn't know how to behave in forums; for example that bringing old threads back pisses people off, especially when writing stuff like "lol" or "I can play the Freight Train solo backwards". :lol: I guess it all came from my ego; being 13 year old and able to play Racer X stuff didn't tone my ego down. :lol: The funny thing is; I've never showed off to anyone, or even bragged about my guitarplaying for a second outside of the web, and I rarely do it on the web these days anyways, 'cus that really isn't who I am. DeaD.CeLL was an assraped 13 year old. I'm glad you people like me now though. :)

I guess the current trolls should know that in the end; people get sick of it all. I mean, defending your favourite guitarist/cook/fisherman/whatever can be funny at first, but some people take these things way too long. Within a week or two, noone can even see a slight bit of humour in there.

And btw; yes, I could play the Freight Train solo, but calling it easy was a long step to take :lol: I'm sorry guys.

BT: Who would you say has had the most influence on you as a person? (I.E. Not as a guitar player :P )

SB: The one person influencing me the most as a person would either be my dad, Keith Richards, George Lucas or Dimebag Darrel, though however I dress like the ultimate Randy Rhoads clone. :lol:

I think I'd have to say Dime though. His charisma, love and care for other people, looks, character and guitarplaying is just phenomenal. What eventually turned me off shred guitar for a big degree was watching the last part of Dimevision, where he stood in the bathroom with a camera and held a speech about passion for music. Those 5-10 minutes TOTALLY changed my feelings towards music, guitarplaying, hell... Passions in the first place. All he says is basically that, at the end of the day; NOTHING can beat your true passions. So what if there's some sloppy timing on KISS' early albums, or Kurt Cobain couldn't sing or play guitar; they got their statement through. Their records are cramed with statements and passion for music. And, like watching Star Wars - Behind The Scenes documentaries; everyone keeps saying how Lucas is the brains behind everything; and it really does show in his art. Dime has been a role-figure for me since 6th grade, right before I even picked up the guitar; he was just so cool. I guess you could say I always wanted to be Dime (and Randy, but I'm much closer to looking like Randy anyways). :lol:

BT: Thanks for your advice to the trolls. Hopefully some of them may pay attention! There's a lot of people around here with quite varied music tastes. What CD (or folder of mp3s these days, I guess :P ) are you most ashamed to own?

SB: I'm gonna buy CD's until there's no such thing as a CD anymore. :)

On the question... Where do I begin? I have 2 Eminem records. :lol: But what's worse is... However, having "A Lot About Livin' (And a Little 'Bout Love)" by Alan Jackson beats just about everything. :lol: And yes, I have that one! :D Great record, but still dead cheesy :lol:

BT: What do you think of Jimmy Hendrix as a guitarist? (Sorry, I couldn't resist)

SB: It's ok Tom :lol: First off; worst name ever? I mean, it's like I myself should start calling myself Elton Clapton or Jimi Page, you know? :P As for the playing; people have been doing that same shit for years man. There's nothing innovative about it, there's not much about it that's cool, and pretty much anyone that knows what the word practise means can do it. :lol:

BT: What has been your most bizarre or interesting sexual encounter to date? Be honest :P

SB: I don't have many of those, 'cus I'm not really into having sex with everyone I meet :lol: However, once, I told my ex I was going to take a shit ( :lol: ). When I'm back from the loom, she'd taken off all her clothes and turned on Monthy Pythons Meaning Of Life :lol: I guess we both turned our ways towards the telly that night :lol: I lasted out the movie, but she didn't :twisted: :lol: I guess I could've cared a little more about the actual sex than the movie :lol: ...

BT: Heh. That was weird. Because of a word filter that Ken put in, my question about R1ch W4rd turned out to be a question about Jimmy Hendrix. Ah well! Anyway... Describe your daily routine, from getting up in the morning to going to bed at night

SB: Haha, I love that :lol:

I get up every day about 7 am, take a shower, get my stuff together, eat breakfast and brush my teeth, then run to the bus. I used to take a smoke on my way to the bus, but I've recently quit. :) I study media in High School, so much of my day is spent in front of a computer, where I mostly sit in Adobe Audition, Premier Pro or Photoshop, editing sound, video and pictures. :) My day at school varies a lot though. Then, after school, I'll either go straight home and practise guitar/do my homework, or I'll stay in town and hang with my friends. :) Some of them lives downtown, so. My evenings also varies with great repute. The last 6 months I have found myself playing less and less guitar, for the sake of being even more with friends. Saying that, I was never a-social during Junior High (Secondary School), but I could easily sit on my ass all day and play guitar. I'd lost that spark for like 6 months, but that spark is now regained, and I'm getting my chops back. :) So, yeah, I go to bed around 00:30 every day, listen to music 'till around 03:00, and fall asleep.

/Repeat all that 7 times, and you have my week :lol: Nah, just jokin'.

BT: What is your most prized possession, and why?

Definitly my Gibson V. I mean, the PGM100 was amazing to get my hands on, but when I got hold onto the Flying V, I felt like a new man. I felt like I was a rock god, and noone could take my place. I think it suits me perfectly, looks amazing, and it says Gibson on the headstock, so all the girls love it :lol: I love it though! :D

BT: What hair care products do you use to keep your hair so healthy in such harsh conditions?

SB: Definitly depends. Now that I've got perms, I just need a liiiittle mòusse (that's not a little mouse btw) in my hair, and it'll look just like Randy's hair. If I want to, though, I can stack it up with mòusse, gel and spray, and make it look like late 80's LA. :lol: But really, I'm not that much of a hair-metal guy anymore, I dress more NWOBHM in the winter :lol: I probably will go back to Jim Gillette-mode when the temperature goes beyond minus celcius degrees though! :lol:

BT: Do you think we need bad times in order to appreciate the good times? I mean: if heaven exists, and everything there is great, would we still appreciate it?

SB: Depends on how you see it. Everyone knows that money can't buy you 100% happiness, only love can. And in every loving relationship there are fights/unsettled mindsettings/etc., which helps in the long run; as it keeps the relationship balanced. I personaly don't believe in heaven or hell, though everyone thinks I'm a satanist :lol: , but I do think there's good and bad in EVERY person alive, and that is what heaven and hell represents; the good and bad in humanity. But indeed, I do believe we need those bad times once in a while, to get all the caged feelings out. I only cry like once or twice a year, when something REALLY hits me, and waking up the next day, telling it to your best friend, and make her give you a hug, is always a great feeling. :) I love my life though.

BT: Thanks for your time. You've definately provided interesting answers to my rather mixed questions!

Eat a third of a Mars Bar a day.

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In order to keep this thing alive, I decided to do another interview!

I'll be interviewing the coolest Quebec citizen I ever met (yes, she's the only one I actually know from there :lol: ), Mag!

1. Well, first of all, why don`t you tell us a little bit about who you are?

Yay! Easy question!
My name is Magalie, I'll be 18 in a few months, and I am from Québec (yay French!). I guess I can describe myself as : Calm, sarcastic, and shy!... I'm more of a reader than a poster as you can see!
My passions : music, and languages.
Right now I am in Kiuruvesi for a year, a little city lost in the middle of Finland. I studied Spanish for 3 years, and I am now learning Finnish and Russian... and I'd love to learn Japanese and German!
I started playing guitar maybe hum... 3 years and a half ago. I studied for 2 years in a really nice music program, and passed some auditions last spring to get into a music college when I come back from europe. I'd of course love music to be my profession, but at the same time, I know it might not be the easiest one... So I'll see after college if I really want to continue music seriously or not. If not, I'd really like to go to university in Helsinki!
... and I love irish tap dancing!

I discovered Paul at the last G3. I was there because of Joe, but when I left after the concert... Paul Gilbert had DEFINITELY a new fan! I just read what I wrote on my blog about that show last year... and here were my first impressions about Paul :
Il est graaaaaaaaand, trèèèèèèèèès abile, a de loooooooooooooongs doigts, et est sexy haha XD
(He's tall, very talented, has long fingers, and ... oh well, no need to translate the last one!)
And I was absolutely blown away by his playing.
Then I finally found that cool board when I was looking for information about Paul and Racer X!

2. Before you get started in the Heavy Metal world, what would you do to have fun?

Waaa... that was a LOOONG time ago! I don't remember when exactly I got into heavy metal, but I was quite young. Metallica was my first love <3.
So hum... before that I was... a figure skater! Yep... Did that for 7 years.

3. What`s it like to be one of the only girls around the forum?

I like it! I always prefered to hang out with guys... This is definitely one thing I miss, because here it's hard to get to know them... I'm so freaking shy, and they're also very shy sooo...
I'm a geek who likes heavy metal... what the hell would I do surrounded by girls? lol

This board rocks. Seriously.
Without it, I would not have met so many nice people, got cool PG and Racer X tabs (hail to MDuCran!), known about all those PGMs available (keeping my fingers crossed to get one someday), ... and my walls would not be pink, green and black!
This is just a short list... I could easily add a lot more, but this is just to thank you guys for making this forum suck a nice place!

p.s. The hot babe thread still scares me though :shock:

4. So, you prefer to hang out with must understand them by come the Hot Babes Thread scares you?

Oh well you know... I've never been a fan of naked chicks. So humm... 2000 pages of them is maybe too much for me Very Happy

5. You really seem to be a music lover for a long time...Do you have any family who got you started?

My dad has always been a big fan of music even though he only started to play last year (drums!). When he was young, he had his own "Disco-mobile".
The only musicians in my family are my mom's parents. My grandpa played the guitar (but I don't think I've ever seen him playing), and my grandma played the accordeon.
My family isn't so much into music, unfortunately!

6. How is Finland? What do you like (and dislike) the most over there?

Finland is pretty cool! I like finns Smile I wish people were that calm in Canada. People here don't always talk about random shit. When you don't have anything to say, you just stay silent! ... and finnish dudes are HOT!
Sauna <3 That thing it just great. I am going to annoy my parents with that for months when I come back even though I know we don't have any place for that at home.
The finnish language is amazing. I could sit and listen to finns talking for hours without getting bored. It looks beautiful, it sounds beautiful... I just love it. But damn... it's a freaking hard language to learn.
The landscape is also really nice here!
Things I don't like....hum... MYKYROKKA. I've tried it 3 times... and I really can't like it. Here's the lovely description on wiki:
Mykyrokka is a soup that is a typical traditional dish in Middle-Finland (Savo region). The main ingredient is myky: a palm sized dumpling made from blood and rye flour. The dumplings are cooked in the soup. The soup also contains potatoes, onion, fatty meat, and offal such as kidneys, liver, and/or heart.

This soup is also called tappaiskeitto i.e. "butchery soup", referring to an old farm custom of autumn butchery when some animals were butchered and made to be sausages, hams, etc. and what remained after that was put into the soup.
Sometimes I wish finns were not that shy... It's so hard for me to talk to new people.
And I also sometimes wish we were not that far from the city... Can't do anything at night because there's no public transportation.

Finland is great \m/

7. A little bit about music once again, what do you think about the current "rock scenes"? What do you think about New-Metal, Epic Metal and Emo music?

I'm pretty much wondering : Where the hell are we going?
It's just so hard to hear new stuff nowadays that is actually GOOD. I hate all this commercial music we're surrounded with, and I don't have a lot of hope for the music industry. I'll probably mostly stick to old stuff for the rest of my life...!

8. When did you start to get into languages? It sure is a different hobby!

Hummm... I was in some kind of English program when I was 10 years old... but I don't know actually when I got really interested into languages. When I went to Mexico 3 years ago, I think I realized that I really liked to travel... And the language thing probably grew from that.

9. You talked about food earlier....what`s your favorite types of food?

Ahhhh I'm going to feel homesick right now!
Everybody has to come to Québec to experience the real poutine Very Happy
And of course... pizza. I'll never get tired of pizza! Gooood old pepperoni and cheese.
Humm... and maybe some ribs!
And some... kinkkukiusaus! I have no idea what it is in English, but google it, get a recipe, try it, and enjoy! Easy, fast, and delicious!

10. So, after all of that, let's ask something from former exchange student to another: how is living with a host family to you?

At first, it's definitely weird.
You pretty much end up with a bunch of strangers who can't speak your first language, and they are apparently your new family...!
It was not too bad for me since I got in a really nice family. Coming from a small family with only one brother who is 10 years older than me, I must say it's quite different to have 2 other teenage girls in the house. Sometimes I just think : Wow... I'm glad I never had any sisters haha
Another thing that sucks is that, of course, the rules aren't the same as back at home...! I don't have as much freedom here as I used to have (of course it's also the fault of the exchange program's rules). So yeah... I'm turning 18 in a month, so I don't like it so much when people tell me what to do Very Happy
But overall, it's cool to have another family on the other side of the ocean. It changes from the usual routine and make you discover a new culture!
I'd recommend to everybody to go on exchange once in their life (even if it's probably too late for the majority of the people on this forum... What a bunch of old farts!

JeffMartin wrote:
Incredibly cool artwork.
You're hired. :)
For what...I have no clue.

Sun Jan 11, 2009 3:45 pm
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Interview with SIR ROBIN.


1. Full name, date of birth and current status in life

So, OK. My name is Matheus Martins da Silva Santos. In the US people just call me Matt Santos, since no one can say my name right over there! lol. I'm from Brazil and I'm turning 20 this year (2009). I was born on April the 19th, which is "native Brazilian day" here in Brazil! HA. And, I'm single. Yes I suck with women.

2. What are you currently doing in life, besides wasting my time (lol)

Well, I go to Business College. It's called Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV), and it is the best business college in my country, and one of the best ones in Latin America. As many of you may remember, I tried getting in this college for a year and a half, since it's quite hard to get accepted over there. Also, my course has a focus on the Public area, but I'm not sure if I'm really going to work for the State later in my life. I don't have much time to play the guitar anymore, but I'm cool with it. So, basically, all I do is studying, eating and sleeping

3. I remember your disappointment when you couldn’t enter to college at "first try", but what did you felt when you were accepted there?

Well, it was great. I remember the day I knew that. My parents went for a trip, and I was home alone. So I was at the bathroom taking a crap, when the telephone rang and it was my mom. I thought that something had happened to them, but then she's like: "call your friends! CALL YOUR FRIENDS". I didn't know what to do, then she said "call your friends, you're IN! they just called my cell phone and said you passed the test!!!" Man I was shaking! I couldn't believe it! My whole family and friends and myself (of course) were very very happy! It was certainly a BIG relief!

4. How much time did you spend preparing that test? And have you ever spent that much time doing anything else exclusively (like playing guitar)

Well, I was supposed to be preparing for that since I was 15or 14. I wasn't really responsible, and I went to the exchange program thing, which made me even LAMER (ha). Then I got back from the US, passed 6 months doing nothing and in 2007 I finally left my house ONLY for studying. So yeah, I passed a year and a half getting ready for that.

And about the second part…No. Even when I was an addicted guitar player (in the US), I still had to go to High School. I played guitar for 4-5 hours a day in my room. Plus jams (I lived in a house of musicians, so we'd jam every day). Still, I had to go to school and get good grades. I could never picture myself studying 5 hours PLUS per day during that amount of time.

5. Were you ever an aspiring musician?

Yes. Before I go to the US, I thought I was only a regular guitar player, and I was hoping to find a bunch of awesome players over there. Then I found out that where I was living (southern Michigan), there weren't many good guitar players. I was taking "Basic Guitar" at High School, and I was like a God to those kids! lol Of course, I was always very modest, and I was always trying to improve and helping my friends to play the guitar. Even when I got to my second host family, that had two guitar players (my host dad and oldest brother) and a drummer (youngest brother), I found out that I certainly had some talent. The coolest thing about the US, is that people made me trust myself! They showed me that I was something that could have a future at music. My spotlight over there was at my High School Talent Show. My youngest brother and I played Technical Difficulties to the whole school. So that was an audience of nearly 1000 people! It was awesome. And from that day on, I was "The Brazilian Guitar Kid". Well, I kept playing and playing, and I decided I wanted to go to GIT. They sent me some stuff through the mail, and I realized it is VERY expensive to be there I told my dad what the price was, and that was a big disappointment for me, because I really believed I could become something in the music world. Then I got back to Brazil, and I had to be something other than a musician (I wasn't crazy enough to try being a musician in Latin America). Then I decided for Business College.

6. With that in mind (prices and chances), what do you like about living in Brazil?

Well, I'm fortunate that my parents did very good in life. They started with nothing, and now they can afford my college and living expenses in São Paulo (which is a very pricey city to live in). About chances in life, it's not easy. That's why I stuck in getting in the best colleges in my country. Nowadays, If you don't differ yourself by doing a very good college, you have very little chances in life (unless you already have a family business or something like that). Funny thing is: Both my mom and dad are dentists, and my uncle is a dentist too. So I could easily go to some Odontology college and get back to my hometown and find everything set up for me to grow in life. But no! I didn't want to get stuck in a little town, where I would only be successful because of my parents. I was always very independent, and I wanted to go somewhere else. So, going back to the question LOL, It IS HARD for people to live and have good chances in life in Brazil, but I feel that I won't have much trouble, since my college's reputation, and me being one of the most dedicated students in my class are quite enough to get a good job later

7. What do u like about the Racer X Asylum?

It's funny. It is the only Forum I ever been to, but people over here are all very nice (OK, there are some exceptions! lol). There is always a lot of respect between us, and it really is like being part of a family. I'm sure that if I get lost somewhere in LA or (put your location here), I'd have some backup. It's nice how we all try to help each other in gear problems or personal life. It's a wonderful place I found on the net. PLUS, it's about Racer X. How could anything Racer X related be bad?

8. Which ones has been the best gigs you´ve ever been to? And If you had a time machine and had the chance to attend to a gig, no matter when it was, which would you choose and why?

That's a good question. Of course, the day I saw Paul, and the Amazing Journey show, was one of the best days of my life. Plus it had my FAVORITE bass player (Billy) and one of my all time favorite drummers (Portnoy). Too bad I wasn't a big Who fan back then. But then, I saw Jethro Tull doing a tour with guest appearance of violinist Lucia Micarelli, who is very HOT and can play the shit out of the piano! The whole Tull experience was amazing, cuz I got to meet Lucia Micarelli, Martin Barre and Ian Anderson after the show and take pics with all of them. But, MAN, Then I saw Iron Maiden, BLS, Ozzy and Priest at the same year!
Well, I'd say that the best gig was seeing Ozzy. I listen to Ozzy since I'm 13, so that was BIG for me but I cannot say that The Amazing Journey was not the best either. So my votes go to Ozzy and Amazing Journey.
Well, if I had the time machine, I guess I'd love to see Queen in Rock In Rio II. It was in '85 I believe. Queen is such a great band, and they kick ass live! I wouldn't choose Led Zeppelin, because there were too many drugs around their concerts at the time! LOL....but SHIT, I'd kill to be at ANY ANY ANY Racer X concert

9. Are you a music collector?...if so (or, if not) which are your all time fav bands (name no more than 5) and all time fav albums (no more than 5 either)

No, I'm not a music collector because I can't afford to be one! lol But I try to get as many original CDs and DVD I can afford. The only bands I can consider myself as a "collector" would be Racer X and Paul Gilbert. It was very hard for me to name my fav. bands. I know Racer X and Led Zeppelin for sure...but let's think...*looks at CDs*... It would be something like:
1. Racer X
2. Led Zeppelin
3. Black Sabbath
I won't name more, cuz that would be unfair for about....5 other bands! Lol
As for the Fav albums, that's a little easier:
1. Technical Difficulties
2. Rust in Peace
3. Painkiller
Well, maybe it's not that easy! lol
4. Scenes From a Memory
5. Paranoid
That's about right

10. Final words

Well, thanks for the interview. It's funny to be interviewed, because I'm not very good at organizing my thoughts, but I did my best! Thanks Gustavo! That was fun!

Viva Chile Mierda!

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Tue Jan 13, 2009 4:21 pm
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Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you... the one and only... PAAAOOOOO!

1 - Can you tell us who you are? ^^

I'm Paolo. My friends called me Pao. My first username was actually paoVSgodzilla, and I came up with it after seeing Paul's e-mail address from his website. I asked Ken to change my name to just Pao when I felt more comfortable with the site. I kinda regret doing that though, cause Ken said he thought that was the worst name change ever since my username was cool. :lol:

2 - How does it feel to live in the future?

It is fun! Whenever I can't sleep, I chat with the people from the past. I just got MSN and now I get to chat with the new board members! Before, I'd stay up to like 4am here in my country just so I can talk to Lizze (pancake fairy), Wilson (roosterman), Lamer, Drew, and Dave (dave5150). I miss all of them actually, and I wish they would all post regularly in the board. I only get to talk with Lamer nowadays.

3 - Is there one dream you absolutely want to realize in your life?

I don't have one, really. I am pretty content with my life, though it would be a lot more awesome if a bunch of things were added to it :wink: Though, I promised myself that I would get a very functional band so that I'll get to play my music. I have the worst luck with band members, you see. Also, I'd love to have my own music studio. I'd want to have the walls filled with awesome guitars and have friends come over on the weekends so we can jam our hearts out. Maybe when I'm married and I've enough money, yes?

4 - If you could visit 3 countries for free, where would you go, and why?

I'd have to say Japan, London, and LA. Everyone loves Japan. I love it even more! I can't say how much fun I'll have to just walk around and take pictures. London would actually be number 1 because it is just LE AWESOME. Also, once I'm there, I could pretty much go anywhere in the UK (sort of). You know how it is. It'll be fun. And LA, even if I've been there a bunch of times, it would be cool since the trip is for free. I'd meet all the RX forumers and maybe have a drink or too and play guitar.

I've always dreamed of traveling the world. Maybe when I have enough money, I will. I'll travel the world and beat Wilson's record of meeting the most board members. :P

5 - What kind of music were you listening to as a child?

My dad was totally into jazz. I would remember that he'd listen to some of those bebop stuff while he'd make exams for his med students, it was crazy. I had no idea what it was, but I thought it was relaxing. He was also into classical music so I was very familiar with a lot of those.

Other than that, I was never really "into" music. I never listened to the radio when I had time to. I was more into playing with toys, I guess. :P I was born in '87, and like all of us who grew up in the 90's, I am very familiar with a lot of the popular songs. They get played all the time and the radio was still very prominent. I knew of Wild World, and it was one of my 'favorite' songs at that time. :wink:

6- What's your favorite food?

Ahh, the big question. To be honest, I would ALWAYS forget the name of the food that I am currently eating. I'd always call it by how they look or if it's chicken of beef. My girlfriend thinks it's weird, I think it's normal! Hahaha!

On the top of my head, though, I like fettuccine, grilled chicken, and the bacon rice I get from a place called WORLD CHICKEN. I love that to bits. I also love Chicken schnitzel. Hmm. I love Yang Chow rice and the fish fillet with Tausi sauce. Anything Chinese, actually. Hmm, what else? I love food, basically. I just keep forgetting what they're called :P

7- Do you prefer Paul's solo stuff or Racer X?

I've discovered Racer X when I first started getting into extreme guitar. I was a fan of Dream Theater, so I was obviously gonna look for more bands that are progressive. I stumbled upon Symphony X and Planet X. At that time, I was also a fan of X-Japan. I thought all bands with 'X' are awesome. I saw Scarified on Limewire (yeah, I was downloading) and I downloaded it cause I assumed that they were good. I was BLOWN AWAY by the bass playing. I downloaded Superheroes next. I discovered Mr. Big after. I started getting as much merch as I could possible after.

I've said this tons of times, but for the record, I love Racer X because of the singing. I know, it's weird. I've grown more into it because of that, not because of the guitar playing. I know it's fucking insane, but the singing really gets to me. Jeff's lyrics are awesome.

8 - What are your 3 favorite movies?

I don't really have "favorite" movies, I mean when I like them, I like them. But right now, I would suggest you to check out JACOB'S LADDER. That is one hell of a movie! (pun intended) Also, Don Juan de Marco. If I would have a favorite movie, that would be closest to the top. Hmm, what else... Watch Pineapple Express! Funniest movie of 2008! :D You don't have to be stoned to find it funny. My girlfriend and I watched it and I seriously laughed to death. McBride is so awesome!!

9 - If you could change something about your country, what would it be?

That's a REALLY tough question. There are a lot of things I want to change in my country. I don't want to touch this topic, it is a bit too sensitive. I love my country, but I also hate it. It's hard to explain, but I'm sure everyone who lives here would agree with me.

10 - Tell us something that nobody here knows about you :D

Hmm. Okay! My first post here was about me asking for tabs of Go-GG-Go off of the Getting Heavier album. :wink:

Thank you Pao for the interview! It was very nice to get to know you! :)


Tue Feb 17, 2009 6:56 pm
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Okay.. Here's my interview with Keith!

1. So tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m 19 years old, 6 feet 1 inch, and 140 lbs. Born and raised in Southern California. I’m going to the local community college and trying to go everyday. I haven’t got a job but I’m real close to getting one. I really hope I get it so I can save up enough money to move out. I’m rather sick of living at this home. I really enjoy going to the library and staying there for hours reading. Some of my favorite writers are E.E. Cummings, Arthur Rimbaud, Edgar Allen Poe, William Blake, Jim Morrison, and Mark Twain. I enjoy writing as well. The bands I find myself listening to most often are The Doors, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Radiohead, and Otis Redding. I’m getting interested in film—writing scripts, making a film, etc. That’s one of my favorite words – etcetera. I like swap meets and good buffets. My favorite beer is Blue Moon. I play guitar, but nothing crazy or anything; mainly just rhythm stuff with chords (Bob Dylan, Beatles kind of stuff.) I’ve got no fatal diseases or legal troubles so I think I’ll be alright for now.

2. How did you start listening to racer x or what was the first thing you've heard?

My friend Anthony (he used to post here under the name moo210 or something like that.) burned me a copy of good shred songs when we were about 15 or 16 years old. I was starting to get into metal around then and asked him to burn the CD. He put on some Steve Vai, Yngwie, Michael Angelo, and some other stuff I can’t remember at the moment. So then I go home and put the CD on. Steve Vai comes on and I think its pretty cool. Then some other ones came on and thought they were cool too. Then I hear the intro to ‘Motorman’ and I was a fan instantly. They are very different from the 80’s bands that were around at the time and I loved it. I feel very grateful to have been able to go to the NAMM show to see them and meet them all (I met Paul before at the Whittier-Amazing Journey show and the MI performance/release party for Get Out of My Yard.)

3. You seem like a big fan of The Beatles. Is there a story behind it?

When I was about 9 or 10 my Uncle Steve gave me a copy of ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon to listen to. I put it on my CD player and was taken aback by the whole thing. I checked a book out at the school library about him and found out he was in another band called The Beatles. So I went out and bought The Beatles ‘1’ CD. I played that thing everyday for months.

4. Other than playing guitar or music, what kind of things do you like to do?

Going to the big park in town and playing music and drinking wine with my good friends. Reading books at the library. Going to swap meets to find cool records and odds and ends. Driving down Pacific Coast Highway without any real destination and turning around when I feel like it. Penny pinching. Sitting and watching films. Sleeping. Free stuff. Good conversation.

5. What do you want to be in the future, or where do you see yourself in the future?

I just want to be happy with whatever I’m doing and wherever I am in the future. Nothing more, nothing less. Just satisfied. If I had to lay something out, I’d like to just be living with my girlfriend, maybe with a dog or a cat in an apartment somewhere, having a job that deals with writing or art and just living.

6. If you did not play the guitar, what other instruments would you play?

I’d love to learn how to play the piano or organ well. I’ve played bass in a band but got bored with it. I guess it just wasn’t my thing. Maybe the banjo, violin, or trumpet as well.

7. What's your favorite kind of food?

Mexican food. Tacos, quesadillas, nachos, enchiladas, etc. All doused in hot sauce of course.

8. Is there anything that you don't like about the racer x asylum?

There’s nothing I dislike about the place. I enjoy the environment and the vibes I get from the board. No real negativity towards one another, talented musicians, debating peers, random chatter, etc. AND the band members post here from time to time. It’s the best board I’ve been a part of and I’m glad to have stumbled upon it. [/asskissing]

Maybe some more Doors and Radiohead fans.

9. Any last words?

“Last words are for fools who haven’t said enough”- k. marx


Wed Apr 01, 2009 6:03 am
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